Gibson Explorer

A striking, futuristic and powerful design characterises the Gibson Explorer, one that's hard to believe could have been dreamed up as long ago as 1958, and a testament to the continual innovation within the Gibson brand. Only 100 were initially produced, with originals fetching up to half a million dollars, but the reintroductions since the 1970s have never disappointed.

Favoured particularly within the metal community, unsurprising considering the look of the instrument, several famous players include Matt Heafy of Trivium, Pete Wallis of Def Leppard and James Hetfield of Metallica. A rightfully coveted guitar, one that is another forward-thinking example of Gibson's legendary output.

Characterised by its striking design, the Gibson Explorer's solid mahogany body delivers a hefty punch, hammered home further by the abrasive snarl of its humbucking pickups. Here is a guitar for a musician who knows exactly what they want.

At Bonners Music, we make sure that all our guitars in the best condition that they can be before we send them out to you with free UK delivery. That’s neck, strings, electronics and everything else stringently tested, so you needn’t worry about anything else aside from enjoying your instrument.

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