Gibson Firebird

Originally manufactured to compete with Fender's success with the Stratocaster and Telecaster, The Firebird, along with the Les Paul, was one of the more successful attempts at this daunting task, while the more radical Explorer and Flying V would have to wait longer for their success. Characterised by a reversed body and head, the Firebird was designed by Automotive engineer Ray Dietrich, whose vision has endured for decades.

Rolling Stones members Mick Taylor and Brian Jones, as well as Eric Clapton and Dave Grohl, have favoured the Firebird over the years, but the design and sound are often deemed to be somewhat more leftfield and ‘art school' than other Gibsons over the decades. A lighter, extremely playable guitar, the Firebird is a beautiful example of Gibson's design nous.

If you would like to come and try out your Gibson Firebird, or any other of our hundreds of instruments, before you purchase one, we are always keen for you to come down to the store and test drive. If you can’t, then rest assured that your guitar will be tested and in perfect working order when it arrives at your door with free UK delivery.

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