Gibson Flying V

One of the most iconic guitar designs of all time, the Gibson Flying V is a guitar for the showman, the collector and the nostalgic. Released in 1958, but discontinued by the following year (the world wasn't ready), the model's popularity was down to the tenacity of a handful of bluesmen. Among them was Albert King, who saw potential in the Gibson Flying V's easily accessible higher frets and meaty tone, brought about by its equally iconic humbucker pickups.

As blues music and iconography skyrocketed in popularity throughout the 1960s, the Gibson Flying V's popularity and notoriety were cemented, finding a particular niche in metal and hard rock. This instrument is perfect for anyone who wishes for a hard-rockin' romance with their guitar.

We’ll make sure that your Gibson Flying V is in perfect condition before we send it out to you, free of charge in the UK, with action, neck and frets, intonation and electronics all thoroughly checked, leaving you free to strap up and plug in. You’re also more than welcome to pop into the shop and check out any of the 500 guitars we have available and find out which is best for you.

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