Gibson SG Series

The best-selling Gibson model of all time, the SG is another stunning example of the brand's design prowess. Initially developed in response to a slump in sales for their Les Paul series, the SG allowed Gibson to cut down costs of manufacturing and yet provide a series that remains a perennial favourite with guitarists all over the world. Interestingly, Les Paul would have his name removed from the guitars by 1963, not caring for the design despite its popularity which has endured since. The SG title remained, without the Les Paul name attached to it, and is a yet another guitar icon by the Gibson brand, long outliving any initial concerns that he might have had.

Characterised by its solid mahogany body and easily accessible upper frets, its design and sound is often emulated but never bettered.

Coming in a range of variations and styles, you are more than welcome to head down to the store and find the right SG for you. If not, we stringently check all of our guitars for any issues before they are sent out to you with free UK delivery.

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