Left Handed Electric Guitars In Eastbourne, Sussex

Whether you’re doing a Dylan and taking the leap from acoustic to electric, or your trusted axe needs upgrading, our range of left handed electric guitars has something for players of all abilities.

Browse our collection and you’ll find left handed electric guitars from rock-god favourites, including Stratocasters and Gretsch, to those for guitarists just plugging in, such as Squier. These guitars have been exclusively created for left handed players, making them easier and more comfortable to use than the right-handed alternatives.

Left Handed Electric Guitars Make a Difference

If you’re just getting into electric, you’ll find that this is where left handed electric guitars really make the difference. With a much lower action than the acoustic, your dominant hand now gets the job of working in synch with your right, to turn out dazzling solos and chug consistent rhythm.

The downside for any electric player is that, once you’re amplified, there’s less room for mistakes. Using left handed guitars helps to define the balance between each of your hands, but with the left in charge. In addition, it saves on the cost and inconvenience of restringing a right-hander; it’s not just the strings: the nut, bridge and action will also be affected.

Buying your Left Handed Electric Guitar

Buying a guitar can be a significant investment, but one that can reap dividends. For those who want to spread the cost, we offer a range of finance options with fixed interest rates, so you know what you’re paying from the start. If you think you’d like to trade in your old guitar, we also offer an online part exchange service, allowing you to put the cost of the old towards the price of the new!

If you’ve got any queries about our left handed electric guitars, amps or any other instruments, give us a call, today!

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