Left Handed Guitars In Eastbourne, Sussex

While you don’t have to have Paul McCartney’s money to be able to afford one of our left handed guitars, buying one could well see you on your way to playing like him!

Our extensive range of left handed guitars includes both electric and acoustic, from giants of the industry, including Fender and Gretsch, to great value guitars from respected manufacturers, such as Squier and Stagg. All these guitars are specifically-designed for southpaws, helping you to up your game, quickly and naturally.

Why Should I buy Left Handed Guitars?

Buying left handed guitars allows you to strum with your left hand, which makes for easier playing. It’s often thought that the more complex job of fretting and shaping chords belongs to the dominant hand. However, as you improve, you’ll find that this isn’t necessarily true: the strumming hand also becomes the picking hand, which can be a far more demanding task than repeating chord structures or picking out notes. Left handed guitars allow your natural abilities to develop, without having to flip the instrument or, worse, play it upside down.

Buying from Bonners

Buying a guitar of any sort can be a significant investment – but one that can last you a lifetime. We offer a range of finance options, allowing you to break up the cost of your left handed guitar up into manageable chunks – and our fixed interest rates mean you’ll know exactly what you’re paying from the start.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned axeman and you want advice on any of our left handed guitars, get in touch today.

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