Nord Stage 3

The Ultimate Stage Keyboard

The new Nord Stage 3 range is the most advanced keyboard ever released by the Swedish instrument manufacturer Clavia, and features three discreet sound engines with the power to layer up to six sounds at one time, with 'crossfaded' split points. There is 2GB of memory allocated to just the piano engine, for the highest quality acoustic and electronic piano voices, and the organ section now features the same sounds and rotary simulators as the acclaimed Nord C2d organ. The synthesizer section has been rebuilt and is now based on the incredible Nord Lead A1 synth. The icing on the cake is the upgraded effects section with additional delay and filter effects, as well as the ability to have separate reverb and compressor settings on each 'slot'.

See & Try The Nord Stage 3 In Our Stores

We will be keeping the full range of Nord Stage 3 instruments on display in both our keyboard stores, which are in easy-to-reach locations with on-site parking. Our latest store is now open in Reigate, Surry and is located just 2 miles from JCT8 of the M25 motorway. Only a 15min walk from the closest mainline railway station, this store is ideal for customers in London and Surrey who wish to test-drive the Nord Stage 3.

Our flagship store is located on the Sussex coast in Eastbourne and is the best place to visit if you live in Kent or Sussex areas. Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to guide you through the Nord Stage keyboards, and you will be given plenty of time alone to play to your heart's content!

Part Exchange Your Existing Keyboard For A New Nord Stage 3

We are offering an upgrade path for you to upgrade your existing instrument to the new Nord Stage 3 model. If you already own a Nord instrumen then our Bonners Nord Stage 3 upgrade programme enables owners of older Nord Stage keyboards to trade-in their existing instrument for a brand new Nord Stage 3, and you can even spread the balance payment over 12 months 0% finance with our musical instrument finance option.

For owners of other manufacturers instruments, simply email details of your current keyboard to and we'll get right back to you with a vauation. It always helps if you can add some photos so we can verify the condition.

The Nord Stage 3 series incorporates many new major features over the previous range, including upgraded memory for piano & sample libraries, twin very bright OLED displays, massively upgraded synth section based on the Nord Lead A1 and an updated Organ section which shares the same sound source found in the Nord C2D.

Here’s some more details about the finer details and less talked about new features:

Improved Keybed

The structural support for the keybed has been improved which gives a more solid feel at the depth of the keypress, and mechanical noise has been minimised too. The Stage 3 does not use the Triple Sensor key action that is found in the Piano 3, but this is because the Stage 3 has the addition of aftertouch. The Stage 3 keybed is still a good quality, fully weighted piano hammer action and we find it very responsive - even for classical piano performances.

‘Morphable’ Reverb

Nord Keyboards have featured the Morph function for many years now, but the Nord Stage 3 brings new ‘morphable’ features to this powerful function, including reverb.

Amp Section With Filters

The am simulations on the Stage 3 have now been equipped with Low Pass and High Pass filters, have cutoff and resonance controls. The tone and character of the amp simulators can now be altered to sound completely different. This allows even more creative use of the am simulators to create the exact tone you are looking for!

We love to use the amp simulations on the electric piano sounds, and these new filters provide even more opportunity to make the sound your own.

In addition to the filters on the amp simulators, the delay effect now has is’t own set of feedback filters Delay repeats have Filters (HP/LP/BP) which allows for greater sound design creativity!

New Lead A1 Synthesizer Section Programability

Apart from the new dual OLED displays, the synth section is clearly the most noticeable upgrade. This completely re-designed section uses the analogue modelling technology found in the Lead A1 but adds sample integration for the creation of fat synth sounds, as well as modern digital sample-based tones.

As with all Nord products, there are plenty of knobs for hands-on control and the large display screen encourages more in-depth programming.

Super Waves (S-Waves)

The synth section now includes the new Super Wave (S-Wave) category. These waveforms sound fatter than the fattest soundwave ever!

Piano Filters

The Piano Section has been its own 'Piano Filters' which allow you to adapt and fine-tune the piano sounds from soft to brilliant. This means you can create acoustic piano sounds that cut through on stage, without needing to adjust the overall EQ of the whole keyboard.

Pre-Rotary Reverb Routing

At the request of previous owners of Nord Stage keyboards, there is now the option to route the reverb effect through the rotary simulator. This mimics the behavior of an original Hammond organ and enhances the realism of the superb organ section of the Stage 3.

Four Keyboard Zones With Crossover

There are now four keyboard zones to allow 4 sounds to be split across the entire keyboard range. The green LED lights have been retained to make it easy to see where your key-splits are located - even on a dimly lit stage!

The new crossover feature allows keyboard splits to “crossfade” into each other, rather than being a ‘hard’ split. This unique feature means there can be a smooth transition between split voices rather than an immediate ‘jump’. There are two crossfade ‘curves’ from which to choose and we think this will be ideal for creating orchestral splits and complex synth textures.

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