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Yamaha Genos: Everything we know so far (Updated: September 19)

The Yamaha Genos is the top of the range keyboard which replaces the Tyros line of instruments. Genos will be officially launched in the UK on October 2nd 2017. In the meantime Bonners will endeavour to bring you the latest news on the Genos. At the moment we can only speculate because Yamaha have not released any official details. Here are some of our predictions and thoughts about the new Genos (these are only speculative at present and cannot be confirmed until the official launch date of October 2nd 2017.

Yamaha Genos: UK Price

We don't yet have confirmed UK pricing for the Yamaha Genos, but expect it to be a slightly higher than the outgoing Tyros 5 models - likely to be around £4500 including the dedicated Yamaha speaker system and a new matching L7 black keyboard stand.

Yamaha Genos: UK Availability

Historically, Yamaha have launched their top end arranger keyboards in time for a few lucky customers to receive theirs before Christmas. The official Yamaha Genos UK launch date is October 2nd 2017. We suspect that shop demonstration Yamaha Genos keyboards will begin to appear in Bonners stores in October 2017, with hopefully with a few very lucky early purchasers receiving their new keyboards before Christmas. If you wish to be one of the first people in the UK to receive a Genos, then we would urge you to put down a deposit at your earliest opportunity to secure your place in the queue.

Yamaha Genos: Keyboard Options

Rumours are that there will only be one Genos keyboard length - the 76 key model. This was by far the most popular Tyros 5 keyboard version. Maybe this was something to do with the fact that it was priced in the UK at less than £200 more than the 61 key model. End users felt that they were getting exceptional value for money with the larger, more dominant 76 key model and therefore sales of this keyboard exceeded all expectations. Now that Yamaha have a strong following of 76 key owners, we believe it makes sense that Yamaha simplifies their range to just include one model.

Yamaha Genos: Touchscreen

From what we have heard, and videos leaked online, the Yamaha Genos will feature a large touchscreen. The screen looks similar to that which is used in Montage synth workstation series. The operating system on the prototype model we have seen looks clean and uncluttered, and we noticed that it seems to carry out functions with extreme speed.

Yamaha Genos: Design<

The leaked images show a sleek, modern plastic casework design with nice curves! The underside of the Genos appears to be white, and the overall design gives a not to both the MOXF and Montage range of synthesizers. Yamaha appear to be aiming for the Genos to appeal to more professional players than previous arranger workstations. In a first for a Yamaha arranger workstation, we believe the pitch bend & modulation wheels have been replaced by a joystick - similar to that found on Korg and Roland products.

We think Yamaha will be maintaining a similar detachable speaker brackets & music rests holders as found on previous models.

Yamaha Genos: Specifications

Just like it’s predecessor, Genos will offer high-end specs. The latest rumors suggest that the keyboard will feature 9 assignable sliders which are much longer than those found on Tyros keyboards. In a new move for Yamaha, we have counted six assignable knobs which hopefully will be completely assignable to voice and style editing functions to give even more control on the fly.

Low end Yamaha keyboards have sported arpeggiators for a few years now, and it is inevitable that Yamaha will incorporate an arpeggiator into the Genos. This would go hand in hand with the more professional outlook and design Yamaha seem to have placed on this keyboard.

Yamaha have kept very quiet about the sound source to be included in Genos, but we expect big improvements in the acoustic piano sounds, with the possible inclusion of the acclaimed CFX piano sample. This piano sound has been used is the Clavinova range of digital pianos for a few years now and the clarity & power of this voice is amazing. Hopefully we’ll see some improvements in the orchestral voice departments - the Tyros 4 & 5 began a trend of Hans Zimmer / John Williams style voices, and given that Yamaha already has a huge library of orchestral string sounds which were sampled for their professional synths, which have key off and vibrato all in the samples. It would be great if some of these found their way into the Genos.

Perhaps there’ll be new brass and synth sounds - we hope so! We also love the Yamaha C7 piano sample that is part of the new CLP685 Clavinova piano - this would be a welcome addition to Genos.

Genos is rumoured to have an even larger selection of preset styles (we think likely to be at least 550) and no doubt these will have been improved by use of new drum and voice sounds.

Analogue Circuitry was a big part of why the Montage sounds so much better than the old Motif keyboards, and hopefully Yamaha will use similar technology in the Genos to give it a more powerful sound - especially when used in a professional environment.

We expect the sequencer on the Genos to have been re-designed. The Tyros recorder had started to look quite dated towards the end of it’s live and the editing was rather clumsy. The new Genos touchscreen and operating system speed should enable Yamaha to give this important aspect a complete overhaul. There will of course be audio recording and hopefully 16 tracks of MIDI recording too.

Yamaha Genos: Connectivity & Outputs

It looks as though the Genos will maintain the four audio outputs on standard quarter-inch jacks, as well as the XLR/JACK audio input combi socket. Mains is supplied via a 3 pin euro cable. There is likely to be two sets of MIDI IN/OUT ports, along with three footswitch/pedal inputs and USB to host & device connectors on the rear of the instrument. There is also a USB to device on the top surface panel of the Genos. The connections are completed with a video output, and we think there is also provision for a stereo audio input for connection of other audio devices such as MP3 players, mobile phones and tablet computers.

Are Yamaha Tyros Registrations Compatible with Genos?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of Yamaha Tyros users all over the World who have loyally owned Yamaha arranger keyboards for many years. Registration, song and style data has, in the past, usually been compatible with the previous generation keyboard. This means that we expect Yamaha Genos to be compatible with Tyros 5 data, although this may not apply to sample and premium pack data which you may have stored on a flash memory board. Registrations may require conversion using a small piece of computer software, but don't worry, Bonners will assist you in your move to a new keyboard. Call us on 01323 639335 for more information regarding data transfer from Tyros to Genos.

Part Exchange Your Keyboard For a Yamaha Genos

The Bonners keyboard part exchange scheme offers customers the easiest way to upgrade your existing keyboard to a brand new Yamaha Genos keyboard.

Trade Your Used Keyboard For A Brand New Yamaha Genos

And spread the cost over 12 equal monthly payments completely 0% interest free! If you already own a keyboard (not just Yamaha!) you'll probably wish you could easily upgrade it to one of the the fantastic new Yamaha Genos models. Like us, you've read the specs, salivated over the online photos & videos, you can't resist the new features, and you want one NOW!

The Bonners Yamaha Genos trade-in programme enables owners of older keyboards to trade-in their existing instrument for a brand new Yamaha Genos, and you can even spread the balance payment over 12 months 0% finance with our musical instrument finance option.

Yamaha Genos Trade-In Offer - the right choice for a great deal

If you want to sell your keyboard to buy a new Yamaha Genos, but don't want the hassle of arranging a private sale, then your easiest option is to trade it in with the Bonners Genos Trade-In Programme. . With decades of experience in buying and selling keyboards, we've developed an easy and simple service that means you can trade-in your used arranger or synthesized keyboard without all the hassle and additional expense of advertising, delivery charges or repairs, and still get a fair price for your instrument.

Agree The Valuation but Keep Your Keyboard Until The New Yamaha Genos Shipping Date

We agree the valuation of your used keyboard from Oct 2nd, but you can keep your existing instrument until the Yamaha Genos shipping date. This means that you won't be left without a keyboard to play in the meantime. This is especially important for gigging keyboard players who need their existing keyboard to use on stage - right up until your new Yamaha Genos delivery date.

Which Used Keyboards Can Be Traded In?

Bonners will consider most models of arranger and synthesized keyboards from recent years for exchange against the Yamaha Genos. Here's a list of the most popular models - don't worry if yours isn't on the list - still contact us because we may still be able to to a deal:

  • Yamaha Tyros (all models)
  • Yamaha PSR-S series
  • Korg PA Series
  • Technics KN series
  • Roland BK, EA and E series
  • Yamaha Digital Pianos
  • Roland Digital Pianos
  • Kawai Digital Pianos

How much Is Your Keyboard Worth?

The value of your keyboard will of course depend on the model, condition and whether you have the original factory supplied accessories such as owner's manuals and disks etc. We offer more for good condition instruments and yours could be worth even more if you have the original undamaged carton & packaging.

Get Your Keyboard Valuation Today!

If you like the thought of upgrading your keyboard for a new Yamaha Genos, simply complete the information required on the form below and we'll get right back to you with a valuation. Try to give us as much information as you can, including details of any casework damage. We only accept keyboards that are in full working order.

If you require any further information, or help with your Yamaha Genos part exchange quote, just give us a call on 01323 639335 or email partex@bonners.co.uk

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