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Feurich Pianos was founded in 1851 by Julius Gustav Feurich. In 2001 Feurich joined forces with renowned piano manufacturer Wendl & Lung of Vienna - which is where all the Feurich brand pianos are now designed. Bonners Piano Centres stock the UK's largest range of Feurich Pianos. We have showrooms in Reigate in Surrey, and Eastbourne - on the South Coast of Sussex. When choosing a new piano for yourself of your family, it is important that you are able to compare all the different models available from various manufacturers in one piano shop. Bonners' award winning piano shops are the perfect places to ensure you are making the right decision.

Bonners Piano Centre stock all Feurich models including the entry level Feurich 115 Premiere Model which is considered to have a superior tone when comapred to other pianos on the market in a similar price range. The Feurich 115 Premiere has a unique cabinet design and the full bodied sound of this instrument defies it's compact size.

The Feurich 122 Universal piano is our best selling Feurich piano. Similar in size to a Yamaha U1, the 122 Universal has a strong, powerful tone that rivals a small baby grand piano. The 122 Universal is available in four different finishes, including the beautiful black polyester with chrome fittings model.

Feurich's 125 Design model is an instrument that has an incredible sound, mixed with traditional design features. The 125 is sill a relatively compact piano and is affordably priced. The 125 Design has some additional features hidden inside including an improved frame design that ensures the double strings of the bass register are exactly the same length. The 125 Design also has duplex scalaing, which is a feature usually found on higher level grand pianos to introduce extra brilliance and sustain to the sound.

Bonners Piano Centre in Reigate also keeps in stock and on display the Feurich grand pianos, including the Feurich Dynamic 162 and the Feurich Dynamic II 179cm grand piano.

We welcome you to visit our piano shops in Surrey and Sussex where you can try the wonderful Feurich pianos for yourself. Call us today on 01323 639335 or 01737 242174 and our friendly piano staff will give you all the help you need in choosing the piano that is perfect for your requirements.

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