How To Sell A Piano In The UK

If you have a piano that you wish to sell or dispose of, contact Bonners Piano Centres. We don’t just buy any piano, but we do buy rather a lot of pianos! We offer piano valuations online - all you need to do is complete the “sell my piano “ form below and we’ll get right back to you with a piano valuation. Once a price is agreed, Bonners arrange collection of the piano and the money is paid direct to your nominated bank account. We can usually arrange collection within 14 days, but in many cases pianos are taken away in just a few days.

Consider Selling Your Piano To Bonners Piano Centre

Simply complete the form below and also email us some photographs of the instrument. We need to see a few photographs, including some with the top front panel removed so we can see the hammers and strings. (See photos below for examples).

How Much Is My Piano Worth?

We can value your piano if you just complete the form below. In most cases, we respond with a valuation within 24 hours. We will give you a valuation that we would be happy to purchase your piano for, and if we are not interested in purchasing it, we will give you our expectation of what you might be able to achieve if you sell your piano privately.

We find people use us for selling a piano as it is an easy, guaranteed money option. Bear in mind that we are a piano dealer and we have have additional costs when selling instruments. We have to offer the next owner a warranty, pay VAT, pay for tuning, delivery, and also take care of future potential service issues etc. This is all taken into account when making an offer to buy your piano.

Will I Get More Money If I Sell My Piano Privately?

You may be able to achieve a little more from a private sale, but you would then have the additional inconvenience of advertising, buyers visiting your home and also delivery costs. You may also incur internet auction fees and payment fees should you sell using one of these channels. It is also worth considering that selling a piano is not an easy task, and finding that someone who falls in love with your piano, and is willing to pay the price you are asking privately might take some time.

Which Pianos Do We Buy?

We will consider most pianos for purchase, although we prefer upright pianos rather than grands - simply because it is easier for us to sell upright pianos due to a larger customer base looking for this type of instrument. Bonners Piano Centre particularly favour pianos made by reputable manufacturers such as Bechstein, Bluthner, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Kemble, Kawai, Steinway, Broadwood to name but a few.