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Yamaha CF6 Handcrafted Grand Piano; Polished Ebony

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The Yamaha CF6 Premium Hand-Crafted Grand Piano

The CF Series is the result of many years of dedicated research and a culture of excellent craftsmanship at Yamaha. Yamaha’s history spans over a century of development and craftsmanship, and in the CF Series they now offer a combination of skilfully handcrafted instruments and cutting-edge engineering.

The CF6 grand piano is the perfect choice for recital halls, or even for a spacious home. At 7 foot (212cm) it is one of the lager models in the Yamaha CF Series. The power and range of the CF6’s dynamics and tone, and the colour and quality of the sound, make it an excellent long-term investment that will please the most passionate of piano players and listeners.

Attention to detail
The CF6 is handcrafted in the Yamaha Concert Grand Factory, where it is built with great consideration to every detail. From the strings to the frame, the piano is a result of scientific measurements that have helped to produce an instrument with rich and lovely sonic properties that have to be heard to be believed, including incredible sustain and resonance. The vibrations of the frame and body have been optimised to create the ultimate playing and listening experience.

The CF series is particularly notable for its exceptional tone. The colour palette is a pleasure for both listener and player alike. The harmonics are complex and layered, bringing every passage of music alive with strong but nuanced tones. The use of high quality materials including a solid European spruce soundboard and ribs are audible in the warmth of the sound. The copper-wound strings have been developed to produce consistent, rich bass tones and a lovely purity of pitch.

A visually attractive instrument
The CF6 is a visually attractive instrument that would be a gorgeous focal piece for any recital hall or home. It is a classically good-looking grand piano, reflecting Yamaha’s traditional but beautiful design style. Subtle details, from the shape of the legs to the finishes used, make for a very handsome and elegant aesthetic.

The CF6 not only boasts classic looks, but is built to last a lifetime thanks to strong materials and durable finishes. It is also designed with ease of movement in mind. Heavy-duty, double-wheeled solid brass casters on the newest model make it easier and smoother to reposition. This is an important feature for more versatile performance spaces.

In terms of practicality, beauty, and sonic power, the CF6 can be relied on for years of stunning performances in your recital hall. Audience and player alike will be treated to the best. It is unsurprising that the CF series is popular with many great players around the world, and indeed several of them have been part of helping to develop this exceptional range of instruments. The passion and dedication of many contributing expert players and makers are audible in the piano itself.

All in all, the CF6 grand piano is a great investment that will offer many years of musical pleasure.

CF6 Specifications:
  • Solid European spruce soundboard and ribs
  • Yamaha balanced action
  • Hardwood reinforced keyframe
  • Reinforced keyframe pin with adjustable guide
  • Complete tone collector system
  • Dovetail joints
  • Treble resonator
  • Vertically laminated treble bridge with boxwood cap
  • Duplex scaling
  • Open pinblock
  • Hand-made solid copper wound bass strings
  • Roslau treble wire
  • Soft-Close™ fallboard
  • Lid prop stopper
  • Locking fallboard and top
  • Heavy duty double wheeled solid brass casters (New Style)
  • Vacuum Shield Mold Process plate
  • Seasoned for destination
  • Aluminium alloy action rails
  • Spruce keys with hardwood buttons
  • Ivorite™ keytops with WPC sharps
  • Premium Yamaha designed hammers with T-fasteners
  • Specially designed hammer shanks
  • Sostenuto
  • Patented Humid-A-Seal pinblock™
  • Cut thread tuning pins
  • Polyester finish
  • Resin sheet foundation
  • A lit prop safety stop guards against insecure prop positioning

Bonners – bringing the best from Yamaha to you
Bonners enjoy a fine tradition and reputation as one of the UK’s best high-end musical instrument retailers. We specialise in Yamaha instruments because they offer the excellence that Bonners represents. As such, we are very pleased to stock the CF6, which both utilises cutting-edge instrument design and draws on a long history of exceptional craftsmanship at Yamaha. It is a truly lovely instrument.

Arrange a private viewing
It is only possible to fully appreciate the gorgeous sonic qualities of the CF6 by hearing it for yourself. So we are delighted to invite you to join us at Bonner’s new Reigate Piano Centre for a private viewing. You can take your time in one of our soundproof piano examination rooms to put the piano through its paces, and get a feel for this lovely instrument. When making such a serious investment it’s vital to know you have made the right choice, and we will be pleased to assist you in this process.

Call us today on 01323 639335 to discuss any queries. We’ll be happy to help.

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