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Acoustic Piano Warranties

Applicable to brand new pianos

Your piano is covered by the Bonners Acoustic Piano Warranty for the period shown on your sales receipt, from the date of delivery.

When You Receive Your Acoustic Piano From Bonners

1) Check You Are Happy With The Condition of The Cabinet.

Once signed for “in good condition”, we cannot accept claims for any scratches or imperfections you may find at a later date after the piano has been delivered.

2) Be Prepared For Unusual Behaviour!

An acoustic piano is a beautiful instrument, manufactured mainly from natural materials and resources. Due to their nature, acoustic pianos respond to changes in atmosphere, temperature, humidity and also transportation.

With the above in mind, your piano may develop overtones, squeaks, buzzes etc that you did not notice when the instrument was first delivered. This is your piano “getting used to” its new environment and may need a little adjustment after it has settled into its new home.

3) Make Us Aware Of Any Issues You Have

We want you to be happy with your new piano, and therefore ask that you make a list of any unusual noises, squeaks or behaviour that you are concerned about. This list will need to be sent in writing to Bonners by emailing

Once agreed by Bonners, these issues will be attended to when our piano tuner/technician visits to give the piano its first in-home tuning (see below).

4) The First Complimentary Service Call To Tune / Adjust Your Piano

The first piano tuning/adjustment of your new piano must be carried out by a Bonners representative or a person elected by Bonners Ltd to attend to your new piano. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the first tuning & adjustment visit will be carried out a minimum of 4 weeks after the piano has been placed in situ, but no later than 12 weeks after the date of delivery. Complimentary first visits are forfeited if not arranged within 12 weeks of delivery of the instrument.

To book your first tuning/service please email or call 01323 639335. Please have your receipt/invoice number and piano delivery date available.

During this visit, the tuner/technician will attend to the items you stated in the list you provided to Bonners, and also tune the piano to concert pitch.

5) Further Tunings & Maintenance Visits

With the exception of faults occurring to defects of manufacturing or workmanship, further tunings, regulation and maintenance visits within the warranty period are not covered by this acoustic piano warranty. Voicing and personalisation of the tone are not covered by this warranty.

6) Call-Out Charges & Fees

Bonners charges a callout fee for investigation of manufacturing or workmanship related faults. See our website for the present applicable charges. If the reported fault is repairable under warranty – i.e. replacement parts are required, the fee charged is refundable in full. If the fault is not due to manufacturing or workmanship related issues, then the fee will not be refunded and additional charges may apply for routine adjustment, servicing or regulation of your instrument.

Further Information about Your Acoustic Piano Warranty

Non-Transferrable Warranty

This warranty is non-transferrable. If you sell or give the instrument to a new owner, the piano is no longer covered by Bonners Acoustic Piano Warranty.

What Is Covered By This Warranty

Bonners warrants your piano from the date of delivery to be free from defects of manufacturing or workmanship for the period of warranty shown on your sales receipt. This warranty does not apply to routine maintenance, tuning, regulation, voicing and normal wear-and-tear.

Furthermore, this warranty does not apply if any of the following have occurred:

  1. Accidental Damage
  2. Damage caused by abuse, modification or negligence
  3. The factory serial number has been removed, altered or defaced
  4. The piano has been improperly repaired or serviced
  5. Repair or attempted repair by anyone other than Bonners Ltd
  6. Damage caused by shipment or transportation of the piano (claims must be presented to the carrier)

In the event that your piano should prove defective in workmanship or materials, your remedy will be the repair as stated in this warranty. Under no circumstances shall Bonners be liable for any loss or damage, direct, indirect or consequential arising from the use of, or inability to use this piano, unless provided otherwise by English law.

Bonners will, at its option, repair or replace the product covered by this warranty if it becomes defective, malfunctions, or otherwise fails to conform with this warranty under normal use and service during the term of this warranty, without charge for labour or materials.

Bonners reserves the right to carry out in-home repairs for normal and customary repairs, but in extreme circumstances, your piano may need to be transported to our piano workshop for major servicing. Repairs may be performed using new or refurbished parts that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications for new parts.

If Bonners elects to replace the product, the replacement may be a reconditioned instrument of similar age, brand, condition and present day value.


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