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Marshall AS100D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Marshall AS100D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
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Marshall AS100D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier The Marshall AS100D is a 100 Watt acoustic amp with four channels, digital effects twin speaker cabinett and more. The AS100D is a 50W + 50W, 2x 8" combo with two high fidelity, polymer dome tweeters. The AS100D has been specially designed for use with a variety of acoustic instruments - between its four channels, this combo has the flexibility to handle instruments with piezo transducers or magnetic pick-ups, plus microphones, for both vocal and instrument reproduction. For players using two pick-ups via a single stereo jack, the two main Acoustic Channels can be linked together via a 'Link' switch, affording you independent Volume and EQ controls for each pick-up. The other two channels are a dedicated Microphone channel and an Auxiliary channel, the latter of which has phono (RCA) stereo inputs specifically for use with external audio equipment. The AS100D houses an internal limiter to ensure you can achieve maximum output while your sound remains distortion free. Model Name: Marshall AS100D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Model Number: 05030463107638 Series: AS100D Technology: Solid state Channels: 2 (Multi) Output wattage: 100W Outputs: Stereo DI output (2 x XLR, left and right), stereo line out (2 x 1/4" jacks, left and right) Inputs: 2x instrument jacks, 2x XLR and 1x Phono (Aux) In, Footswitch Controls: Acoustic channel 1 (phase switch, gain switch, volume, bass, mid, mid frequency sweep, treble), acoustic channel 2 (link to channel 1 switch, phase switch, contour switch, phantom power option, volume, bass, treble), anti-feedback controls for channel 1 and 2, microphone channel (phase switch, phantom power option, volume, bass, treble, int. FX level, ext. FX level), 16 different stereo digital FX with adjust and level controls, master volume, aux in (phono) volume Effects: Stereo digital FX including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay and modulation with adjust and level controls Effects loop: Yes, Send/Return with level control Speaker configuration: 2x8" Speaker model: Custom speakers (100w, 4) Footswitch: PEDL-00001 included Cable: Detachable power cable included Dust cover: M-COVR-00034 (sold separately) Dimensions: Weight - 21 kg / 46 lbs, Width - 605 mm / 23.8", Height - 530 mm / 20.9", Depth - 270 mm / 10.6"
Marshall AS50D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Marshall AS50D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
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Marshall AS50D Acoustic Amp The Marshall AS50D 50-Watt acoustic guitar combo amplifier replaces the highly successful and award winning AS50R range of amps. Marshall AS50D features a new tweeter, as well as a phantom powered microphone channel, digital chorus and reverb. With the all new Marshall AS50D you can express your emotions with passion.The Marshall AS50D offers a compact and portable 50 Watt combo amplifier specially designed for use with acoustic instruments. Between its two channels, this combo has the flexibility to handle instruments with transducers, such as piezo or magnetic pick-ups (channel 1), or microphone for either vocal or instrument reproduction channel 2). The built-in Chorus effect is assignable to either or both channels and the Reverb can be controlled and balanced between the channels to create just the right ambience. If you want to add further effects, then there is an on-board parallel effects loop which can be balanced between the channels in the same way as the Reverb. One of the most difficult aspects of amplifying some acoustic instruments is feedback. To help you eliminate this, the AS50D features several 'anti-feedback' controls, including a Phase switch and a frequency controllable Notch Filter. The combination of these two elements will give you precise control of the frequencies where feedback is likely to occur and help you to eliminate them. For clear and detailed performance, AS50D comes loaded with two 8' speakers and a high fidelity polymer dome tweeter. There is also an internal limiter which allows you to push the maximum level from the 50 Watt output, whilst remaining distortion free. Neat and compact, flexible and portable, Marshall AS50D is the ideal amplifier for the acoustic player who wants a system as suitable for small gigs as it is at home.Due to the technical nature of the products advertised on this page it is highly recommended that you contact us by telephone or by coming into our store to discuss your particular requirements and to arrange a demonstration before buying any of these products. Model Name: Marshall AS50D Acoustic Amp Model Number: 05030463175750 Series: Marshall AS50D Technology: Solid State Channels: 2 (Multi) Output Wattage: 50W Outputs: DI out, line out, effects loop Inputs: 2x instrument jacks, 1x Phono (Aux) In and 1x XLR, Footswitch Controls: Acoustic channel 1 (volume, bass, treble), microphone/aux channel 2 (volume, bass, treble), chorus channel selection, chorus effect speed, chorus effect depth, reverb balance, reverb level, anti-feedback frequency sweep, volume Effects: Reverb, Chorus Effects loop: Yes, Send/Return Speaker configuration: 2x8" plus tweeter Speaker model: Custom speakers (8) Unit Impedance: 4 Footswitch: PEDL-91003 (sold separately) Cable: Detachable power cable included Dust cover: M-COVR-00025 (sold separately) Dimensions: Weight - 16 kg / 35 lbs, Width - 550 mm / 21.7", Height - 415 mm / 16.3", Depth - 255 mm / 10"


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