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Marshall Guitar Effects Pedals

Known for their guitar amps Marshall Amplification grace all the biggest stages of the world with their killer Rock'n'Roll guitar amp sound. Then in the late 1980s Marshall introdcued the Marshall Guvnor pedal. Hoping to replicate that big Marshall amp sound in a pedal. In the early 1990s Marshall introduced to the Shredmaster, Drivemaster and Bluesmaster to the range of Guitar effects pedals. Marshall latest range of guitar effects pedals include reissues of the Bluesbreaker and Guvnor pedals along with Compressor, Tremolo, Reverb and Delay pedals.
Here at Bonners Music we stock a great range of Marshall guitar effects pedals on display and ready to try. Buy online for next day delivery. Call Bonners Music on 01323 636141 for more details on all Marshall guitar effects pedals.
Marshall BB-2 Blues Breaker Pedal Marshall BB-2 Blues Breaker Pedal
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Marshall BB-2 Blues Breaker Guitar Effects pedalThe Marshall BB-2 Bluesbreaker II takes the philosophy of our original Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal one step further by adding two modes, Blues and Boost, effectively making it two pedals in one. Boost mode is designed with the vintage valve amp or ‘tone purist’ player in mind, for when you don’t want to alter the tone of your amp at all, but want to drive the front end harder to push the amp further into natural overdrive. The Boost mode of the Marshall BB-2 Bluesbreaker pedal features a clean boost controlled by the pedal’s volume control, which will not affect your original tone. It can also be used for boosting the signal which can sometimes be lost when using long leads (particularly with single coil pick-ups). Blues mode is reminiscent of the tonal and distortion characteristics of our non Master Volume amps, such as the classic Bluesbreaker combo from the 1960s. This mode produces a wonderful natural style overdrive for crunchy chord work and singing single notes for truly inspirational leads, all delivered with the warmth and tonality of those early Marshalls. CONTROLS: BLUES OR BOOST MODE SWITCH, DRIVE CONTROL, TONE CONTROL, VOLUME CONTROL FEATURES: SOLID METAL CASING, PASSIVE BYPASS POWER: 9V JACK SOCKETS: INPUT JACK: GUITAR INPUT, OUTPUT JACK: SIGNAL OUT/BYPASS INPUT IMPEDANCE: >1 M0hms OUTPUT LOAD IMPEDANCE: <50 k0hms DIMENSIONS in mm: (W x H x D) 120 x 65 x 55 WEIGHT 510g
Marshall RF1 Reflector Reverb Pedal Marshall RF1 Reflector Reverb Pedal
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The cavernous Reflector reverb pedal projects your sound into the third dimension. Six reverbs add diffuse trails to your playing without ever swallowing your tone. Its metal shell houses two Spring reverbs with their characteristic pulse and resonance; which sit alongside the ghostly textures of Reverse mode and the dense sound of the three studio-quality reverbs. The Reflector allows you full control over the six different Reverb modes including time, damping, and level, offering effects that range from a spacious hall to the sound of a studio plate via the beating of a vintage spring.
Marshall RG1 Regenerator Pedal Marshall RG1 Regenerator Pedal
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Marshall RG1 Regenerator PedalThe Marshall RG1 Regenerator is the ultimate modulation pedal featuring four of the most popular modulation effects. With six different modes you can flick between chorus, phaser and flanger effects with ease. This compact Marshall pedal gives you full control over the modulation time, depth and regeneration of each of the different modes, allowing you to explore and create sounds of your own.
Marshall VT-1 Vibratrem Pedal Marshall VT-1 Vibratrem Pedal
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Marshall VT-1 Vibratrem Pedal Mode switch to select Vibrato or Tremolo Speed Control Depth Control Triangle to square Wave Shape control Second output for stereo spread Rugged solid metal casing Passive Bypass


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