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Nobels Effects Pedals

Nobels ODR Mini Overdrive Guitar Pedal Nobels ODR Mini Overdrive Guitar Pedal free-delivery
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Nobels ODR Mini Overdrive Guitar Pedal Tiny Transparency The cult hit pedal, Nobels� ODR-1, has been miniaturised. All of the original transparent tonal goodness has been preserved whilst being dramatically reduced in size. The Darling of Nashville For the uninitiated, the Nobels ODR-1 has been a devout favourite for numerous well-known guitarists on the Nashville circuit for decades. It has been their secret weapon. A pedal which can deliver the sweet, enhancing sweetness in a quasi Tube Screamer-esque fashion without necessarily doing �the Tube Screamer thing�. Crucially, the ODR-1 retains more transparency and faithfulness to your guitar tone by not influencing the mids too drastically. The pedal is renowned for its beautifully crafted drive tone which is delivers whilst fully retaining the tone and character of your guitar, no matter which guitar you may happen to be channelling through it. Surprising Depth from such a Small Pond Just because they�ve shrunk the body, it doesn�t mean that they�ve compromised any of the features or character of the pedal. In fact, in many regards, the pedal even goes above and beyond what it�s big brother was offering at the time. Features that were then, retrospectively echoed in the ODR-1BC released at the 2020 NAMM show. Firstly, the pedal can accept higher voltage. You can power the pedal from power supplies rated from 9v-18v. The higher the voltage you use to supply the pedal, the more headroom you will be afforded. This is a great feature if you wanted to push the pedal a little harder without necessarily hitting the heavy distortion and grit. Secondly, the pedal comes stock with glow-in-the-dark knobs. Super handy for making on the fly adjustments whilst on a pitch black stage, or a slightly avant-garde last minute Halloween decoration. Controls The ODR-Mini features the same controls as the original ODR-1. They are �drive�, �spectrum�, and �level�. The drive control increases the amount of gain as it is turned clockwise from almost clean to fairly pushed. The level controls the overall volume which can be used to balance against the amount of drive required. The spectrum control is the ODR-Mini�s tone control and its secret weapon. The spectrum control is used to shift the EQ profile of the pedal by controlling the amount of treble and bass in unison through a very wide-ranging sweep. The midrange remains untouched staying very open with a dash of warmth to retain the pedals distinct clarity and composure. This is the key to its success and wide usage. Small Living If you�re craving a super high-quality, very well regarded transparent overdrive but are limited for space, this is the pedal for you. Squeezing all of the incomparable tone of the original ODR-1 into a fraction of the footprint it is a great option for those with a limit on the amount of pedalboard real estate available to them. Why Bonners? Here at Bonners Music, you have the opportunity to try one of these great Nobels effects pedals yourself. Just give us a call on 01323 636141 or better still, visit our showroom! If you can't see the Nobels pedal listed that you are after just call 01323 636141 for availability and the best price.


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