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Yamaha Genos

The Yamaha Genos is the top of the range keyboard which replaces the Tyros line of instruments. Genos was officially launched in October 2017.

Genos represents a huge leap forwards in sound quality and usability and is most definitely one of the most powerful arranger keyboard workstations available. The great news is that Genos is fully compatible with most data from previous Tyros series keyboards. For more information see the section below on data compatibility.

Yamaha Genos Dimensions
Even though Genos is equipped with a 76 note keyboard, it measures just 1234mm wide and 456mm deep. Genos weighs only 13kg - which is 3kg less than Tyros 5.

Gateway Buttons
Yamaha has definitely placed an emphasis on usability with the Genos. The new Gateway buttons are quick links to frequently used menus and functions, and provide an intuitive way to get to the sounds, styles and other parts of the operating system with just a single button press. It is also possible to assign your own most-used functions to the bottom of the home screen.

Compile Your Own Favourite Sounds & Styles
It can be a bit overwhelming with so many choices of styles and sounds from which to choose. It is now possible to make your own custom lists of sounds and styles using the favourites function - this was first adopted on Yamaha's CVP piano range. Another useful addition to the Genos is that Super Articulation voices now have little icons attached to their name on the screen which indicate which articulation functions are available.

Dual Song Players
The dual song players can each play MIDI or audio files. Keep the music playing with the crossfade control! This is ideal for entertainers.

Improved Recording Functions
There are three recording modes, Simple MIDI (when you need to get ideas recorded quickly), Audio record (ideal for sharing with friends and family), and MIDI Multitrack (16 tracks) for creating complex orchestrations.

Quickly Adjust The Most-Used Settings
Changing useful functions such as octave shift, part EQ, PAN, DSP and volume is now available on one easy to read screen - accessed by the voice gateway button.

Assignable Buttons
There are six assignable buttons which can be linked to specific menu items or individual functions such as memory freeze etc.

Live Controls
There are 6 control Knobs and 9 sliders. The sliders are independent of what is happening on the screen and can be assigned to many different functions including volume, drawbar control, filter cut-off, effects depth and many more parameters. On the far left, there is an additional assignable button which can be used to control the rotary speaker effect speed, or assigned to any other function of your choice. This button also controls the rotary speed of the organ voices with sampled rotary effect – a function that was demanded by owners of previous Tyros instruments.

Registration Memories
Quickly save and recall your own favourite settings using the registration memories. There are ten registration memory buttons (as opposed to eight found on previous Tyros models) and these can be saved as banks in the internal memory with virtually unlimited storage capacity for this type of data.

Playlist Function
The Playlist function is a powerful tool for creating lists of song titles and associated settings. This feature is ideal for players who perform live and want to create setlists for different types of gigs & performances. The titles in a playlist consist of registration memories and can have lyrics and text files attached. It’s also possible to attach a score file to a song title in playlist mode. Playlist replaces the music finder feature found in previous Tyros instruments.

WIFI is built-in "out of the box" - no dongle required. There is now a clock on the home page, which is welcomed by live performers.

Mic Input
The MIC input can accept microphones with jack or XLR connectors and has +48v phantom power available for condenser mics. This shows Yamaha are serious about attracting professional musicians to own a Genos.

Mains Input
Mains input is provided by a professional type 3 pin Euro (kettle!) cable.

Auxiliary Audio Input
There is an AUX-IN which allows the sound of an external device such as an MP3 player to be mixed with the output of the Genos.

Audio Outputs
The analogue outputs are powered by brand new digital-to-analogue convertors. This makes the sound of Genos "warmer" & “fuller” than previous Yamaha keyboard models. The digital output provides lossless recording to external devices.

Simple & hassle-free speaker connection
The official Yamaha Genos GNS-MS01 speaker system uses the original cable configuration from Tyros 1-4 models, rather than the inelegant multi-cable set used on the Tyros 5. The GNS-MS01 is styled perfectly to match the Genos keyboard.

USB Connections
There are three USB sockets to the device (memory sticks etc) - one on the front, one on the back, and one is located on the underside of the keyboard which can be 'locked' behind a flap - which is a good addition for live performers.

Matching Sturdy Keyboard Stand
There is now a new matching black keyboard stand to match the Genos - model code L7B.

Revo! Drums
One of the biggest improvements in the Genos keyboard is in the drum kits. Yamaha have travelled the World to find the actual iconic drum kits and sounds used on famous recordings from the last 50 or more years. These sounds have been sampled numerous times with different recordings made in a variety of room sizes.

Furthermore, some individual drums have been sampled multiple times and using Yamaha’s wave cycling technology, slightly different variations of sample are triggered every time a drum is hit. This results in a more natural drum performance. Drum kits have also been extended to include more physical drum sounds in each kit and some now go beyond the limitations of the General MIDI drum kit keyboard layout.

Style Categories
The backing accompaniments (known as styles) have been divided into musical categories which are based on the iTunes genres. This is a more logical layout for most users and describes the styles contained in each category much more accurately.

One Touch Settings
One touch settings are a set of four pre-programmed sounds which have been selected to match the style of music you’re playing. This means you can sound great straight away without needing to learn the more in-depth features of Genos. All One Touch Settings have been exclusively programmed for Genos and make use of the new sounds and other features.

Extended Multi-Pad Functionality
Multi pad loops & hits have been re-programmed and there are a lot more of them!

Arpeggios are designed to play "mega voices" so you can incorporate authentic guitar riffs and other sounds into your performance which are usually difficult to play on a keyboard.

Extended SuperArticulation 2
This feature is designed to give the very best solo instrument voices in a digital workstation keyboard. SuperArticulation voices automatically add realistic nuances from acoustic instruments into your performance, and can be further enhanced with the Articulation buttons.

Joystick controller
The pitch bend and modulation wheels have been replaced by a joystick control and there are now three articulation buttons to control the SA2 sounds.

Flash Memory Included!
Genos has 1.8GB of Flash Rom built-in as standard, so there is no need to purchase additional memory to load in your own samples or pre-purchased premium sounds & styles from Yamaha’s own musicsoft website.

Genos is fully compatible with Registration Memory files, User Voices, MIDI Files, Style Files, MIDI Setup Files, Song Files, User Effect Files (Tyros 5 only), and audio files from Tyros 2, 3, 4 and Tyros 5. Moving data from a Tyros Hard Drive is simple and can be copy and pasted using a PC or MAC computer.
When loading registration files from older keyboards, Genos automatically selects appropriate new voices and styles from the Genos library. This means your existing sounds are enhanced by simply loading them into Genos!

Part Exchange Your Keyboard For a Yamaha Genos
The Bonners keyboard part exchange scheme offers customers the easiest way to upgrade your existing keyboard to a brand new Yamaha Genos keyboard. If you already own a keyboard (not just Yamaha!) you'll probably wish you could easily upgrade it to one of the the fantastic new Yamaha Genos models. Like us, you've read the specs, salivated over the online photos & videos, you can't resist the new features, and you want one NOW!

The Bonners Yamaha Genos trade-in programme enables owners of older keyboards to trade-in their existing instrument for a brand new Yamaha Genos.

Yamaha Genos Trade-In Offer - the right choice for a great deal
If you want to sell your keyboard to buy a new Yamaha Genos, but don't want the hassle of arranging a private sale, then your easiest option is to trade it in with the Bonners Genos Trade-In Programme. . With decades of experience in buying and selling keyboards, we've developed an easy and simple service that means you can trade-in your used arranger or synthesized keyboard without all the hassle and additional expense of advertising, delivery charges or repairs, and still get a fair price for your instrument.

Which Used Keyboards Can Be Traded In?
Bonners will consider most models of arranger and synthesized keyboards from recent years for exchange against the Yamaha Genos. Here's a list of the most popular models - don't worry if yours isn't on the list - still contact us because we may still be able to to a deal:

  • Yamaha Tyros (all models)
  • Yamaha PSR-S series
  • Korg PA Series
  • Technics KN series
  • Roland BK, EA and E series
  • Yamaha Digital Pianos
  • Roland Digital Pianos
  • Kawai Digital Pianos

How much Is Your Keyboard Worth?
The value of your keyboard will, of course, depend on the model, condition and whether you have the original factory supplied accessories such as owner's manuals and disks etc. We offer more for good condition instruments and yours could be worth even more if you have the original undamaged carton & packaging.

Get Your Keyboard Valuation Today!
If you like the thought of upgrading your keyboard for a new Yamaha Genos, simply complete the information required on the form below and we'll get right back to you with a valuation. Try to give us as much information as you can, including details of any casework damage. We only accept keyboards that are in full working order.

If you require any further information or help with your Yamaha Genos part exchange quote, just give us a call on 01323 639335 or email

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