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Roland TD17 Electronic Drum Kit


Drumming was never meant to be quiet. But the Keith Moons of tomorrow have little say about who lives next door. Or how much homework their siblings have. That’s one of the reasons Roland developed their iconic V Drums range.

The latest addition to the family - the TD-17 - means you can knock out a breakbeat without disturbing anyone. Stacked with other features the TD-17 doesn’t just let you practise without upsetting anyone else: it will make you a better drummer.


The TD-17 is more than just a kit. It’ll be your teacher. On hand whenever you need. Ready to help you master your instrument.

With built-in coach functions, you have access to instruction whenever you sit down to play.

The optional scoring system makes practising fun, allowing you to chart your progress and encouraging you to constantly up your game.

An inbuilt click track gives you a rock-solid beat to follow, meaning there’s no need for a metronome.

You can turn the click track off or put it into “Quite Count” mode meaning it will alternate between playing and not playing for several bars. This develops your internal sense of timing, an essential skill for drummers.

Included warm-up routines will hone your skills on the sticks and put you in the zone for a rewarding practice session.

The recording function allows you to listen back to yourself, so you can assess, improve and develop.

When you buy the TD-17, you gain access to hours of online video lessons, unique to Roland, through their Melodics software package (compatible with Mac or PC).


Roland has created a truly versatile kit with the TD-17. There are many ways you can connect and adapt your new kit that’ll allow you to build on your skills and develop new ones.

One of the best ways to improve your drumming is to play along to your favourite music. The TD-17 allows you to play music from your collection via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm aux input meaning you can play with the best.

You can play audio and import your own samples from an SD card meaning you can create a totally unique drum kit. From single percussive shots to longer melodic phrases, there is no limit to your creativity.

Onboard effects, EQs and filters allow you to sculpt individual pads to your liking, allowing you to really personalise your kit. No one else sounds like you.

USB connectivity allows you to connect the TD-17 to your computer meaning those of you who produce music can plug straight into your favourite production software.

As you develop and improve you can expand the TD-17 to include two extra inputs, from an additional snare to a new cymbal - the choice is yours.


The TD-17 has all of the advantages of a digital drumming system, but Roland has taken great care to create a kit that feels identical to the real thing.

Prismatic Sound Modelling technology means you hear the same response as if you were playing an acoustic kit. Play hard, hear hard. Play soft, hear soft.

Unlike many digital kits, the TD-17 produces a compelling range of hi-hat sounds. You can play them open or closed and create different sounds depending on where you strike them. Just like the real thing.

Many digital drum kits are smaller than their acoustic counterparts. The TD-17’s pads and pedals are much closer in size to traditional kits. This creates a more authentic and enjoyable playing experience for you.

You can adjust the heights and angles of the pads to your preference, much like you would with an acoustic kit.

With 50 drum kits to choose from you can find the right sounds for your preferred genre.

You can use the ambience and reverb settings to emulate live scenarios, from small clubs to arenas. This means you’ll be prepared to play in any environment.


Roland has spared no expense in producing a kit that is tough and durable. So, no matter how hard you play (and as you won’t be disturbing anyone, why wouldn’t you?) you know the TD-17 will give you years of pleasure.

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