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Dexibell Keyboards

Dexibell Keyboards

With most digital keyboards sounding pretty fabulous, you would think that it would be difficult to produce game-changing instruments but Dexibell have managed it! How? Well, by the inclusion of T2L technology and that should make you sit up and take notice! It certainly grabbed our attention and we have assembled an outstanding collection of Dexibell keyboards for you to choose from.

About Dexibell

An Italian company which set out to make musical instruments more accessible to all and to bring the latest technology into the mainstream, Dexibell delivered almost instant impact. Dexibell digital pianos incorporate T2L (True to Life) technology.

T2L rechnology means that the instruments boast extremely fast CPUs which provide considerably greater dynamic response than that of rival instruments. The processors are able to analyse player’s actions in real time and then add noises and nuances which would naturally occur when they were playing acoustic instruments.

The result is that the keyboards enable players to feel completely in control of the sounds they produce and so can enjoy the most intense playing experience that has ever been possible with a digital keyboard.

Dexibell at Bonners Music

We are pleased to bring you Dexibell organ keyboards including the L3 and J7, Dexibell Vivo Stage Keyboards and Dexibell Vivo Portable keyboards. There’s something here for players of all abilities and these are instruments which ensure that you enjoy your playing to the max. Whether you are just starting out or you are a regular on stage, this collection is worthy of your attention and perfectly combines the very latest technology with a touch of Italian flair.

Dexibell Vivo S3 Pro Stage Piano Dexibell Vivo S3 Pro Stage Piano new
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Dexibell Vivo S7 Pro Stage Piano Dexibell Vivo S7 Pro Stage Piano new
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Dexibell Vivo S9 Stage Piano; 88 Keys Dexibell Vivo S9 Stage Piano; 88 Keys new
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The Dexibell S9 is the flagship instrument of the Dexibell Stage piano range and follows in the footsteps of the popular S1, S3 and S7 keyboards. The S9 retains all the features of the S series including T2L piano & electric piano sound source, and adds the powerful tonewheel organ engine of the J7 combo organ with motorized faders which move automatically when selecting preset drawbar organ sounds. The Dexibell S9 is also fully loaded with the T2L classical organ & orchestral sound samples from the popular Classico L3 keyboard. The S9 is completely hand-made in Dexibell�s Italy factory and combines unique cutting edge technologies with natural handcrafted materials. The motorized draw-fader technology can be applied to tone wheel organs voices, as well as used for manipulating sounds, mixer, midi controllers and EQ. The user interface of the Dexibell S9 offers refinements over previous models including ergonomic LED bars and dedicated rotary encoders. All LED�s are an elegant blue colour and are clear to see when performing on dark stages. Wooden Hammer Action Keyboard The S9 is fitted with a newly developed, class-leading TP400 Hammer Action keyboard which is a hybrid structure of both wood & plastic. The natural materials give the correct key weighting, whilst the manmade parts contribute to long-lasting reliability. Each key has 3 contacts, aftertouch, ebony/ivory feel graded weight with precise note by note calibration, expertly setup in the Dexibell Factory. Dexibell S9 Specifications Newly developed top class 88 keys hammer action hybrid (wood & plastic) keyboard 3 contacts per key Aftertouch Graded weight keys Simulated Ebony & Ivory Key Surfaces 3 Independent Sound Generators - Vivo (piano), J7 (Tone wheel organs), L3 (Classical & Orchestral) 4 Parts (3 layers plus a split voice) T2L Sampling & modelling technology at 24 bit / 48KHz XXL Samples length (over 15 secs) recorded in 3D holophony 9 Motorized draw-faders for organ/mixer/MIDI Control/EQ 8 simultaneous DSP effects (17 variations of each) plus Rotary/Vibrato/Chorus/Overdrive Master Effects: Reverb & Master EQ Seamless sound changes 5 Organ Types + 2 User 100 Organ Presets Over 80 sampled sounds Loadable user sounds with seamless transition 1.5GB User memory for loading your own sounds Compatible with Dexibell and Soundfont 2 format Analogue balanced XLR outputs + Unbalanced Jack Outputs Digital stereo IN/OUT on USB Computer port Master Keyboard function with 4 zones Blue LED bars for easy operation in dimly lit spaces Handmade in Italy by Dexibell Pitch bend & modulation wheels 128 x 64 dot Graphic OLED LCD display 4 Pedal Inputs (Damper, Foot controller, Expression, Morphing) USB To Device for additional memory USB to host for computer connection MIDI IN/OUT/THRU 2 headphone outputs Audio input Secure Lock DV Input Socket Part Exchange Your Keyboard For A New Dexibell S9 Do you own a keyboard that you would like to upgrade to the new Dexibell S9? Bonners are the UK�s leading keyboard part-exchange specialists and we can help you obtain the keyboard of your dreams straight away! We offer excellent prices for used keyboards and we can even arrange collection too. Trading-in your existing instrument is easier than selling it privately, and it enables you to get the new instrument you want much faster. Email us details of your instrument (include some photos if possible) to and we�ll get right back to you with a trade-in valuation.
Dexibell 30mm Nylon Padded Gig Bag for S3 & P3 models Dexibell 30mm Nylon Padded Gig Bag for S3 & P3 models
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Dexibell DX BAG 73 Key S3 P3 professional soft cases for 73 keys digital pianos, featuring extra protective padding in rugged waterproof 1680D polyester with thick foam and extra soft plush inner lining, a wide well-organized front pocket and practical carrying wheels. 1680D rugged polyester outer material Reinforced PP webbing straps Strong zip puller Die cast hooks and pivoting hinges Ultra-thick double padding (25mm EPE + 5mm soft sponge) Hot-pressed soft plush inner lining Internal padded straps Front pocket with: Protective rain cover Tablet, music stand, music books compartments Velcro tie cable management Heavy duty side wheels for practical carriage Shipping size (WxDxH mm): 1310*460*210 Outer size (WxDxH mm): 1300*430*190 Inner size (WxDxH mm): 1190*395*140 Gross weight (Kg): 6,40 Net weight (Kg): 4,90
Dexibell 30mm Nylon Padded Gig Bag for S7 & P7 models Dexibell 30mm Nylon Padded Gig Bag for S7 & P7 models
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Dexibell BAG 88 Key for P7 S7 professional soft cases for 88 keys digital pianos, featuring extra protective padding in rugged waterproof 1680D polyester with thick foam and extra soft plush inner lining, a wide well-organized front pocket and practical carrying wheels. 1680D rugged polyester outer material Reinforced PP webbing straps Strong zip puller Die cast hooks and pivoting hinges Ultra-thick double padding (25mm EPE + 5mm soft sponge) Hot-pressed soft plush inner lining Internal padded straps Front pocket with: Protective rain cover Tablet, music stand, music books compartments Velcro tie cable management Heavy duty side wheels for practical carriage Shipping size (WxDxH mm): 1520*460*210 Outer size (WxDxH mm): 1510*430*190 Inner size (WxDxH mm): 1400*395*140 Gross weight (Kg): 7,02 Net weight (Kg): 5,18
Dexibell Classico L3 Classical Organ Keyboard Dexibell Classico L3 Classical Organ Keyboard
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Dexibell Classico L3 Digital OrganThe Classico L3 is the first portable organ instrument from Italian manufacturer Dexibell. When it comes to sound quality, Dexibell are renowned for their attention to detail and the Classico L3 uses the same T2L technology that was pioneered in the Dexibell Vivo range of digital pianos. KeyboardThe Classico L3 features a 76 note dynamic keyboard that has the high quality feel of an outstanding classical organ. The keyboard is velocity sensitive (3 types) for when playing piano & orchestral voices, and fixed velocity for the organ tones. The keyboard can be split into 3 sections, MANUAL I, MANUAL II, and PEDAL. Each of these parts can also be controlled by an external MIDI instrument, so you could add a third-party second manual or MIDI pedalboard if required. Organ VoicesThere are a choice of five different classical organs from which to choose in the L3 - German Baroque, English Romantic, French Symphonic, American Classic and Positive. Each classical organ model has 3 pedal stops, 7 stops on manual 1, and 6 stops on manual 2. These sounds have been sampled from the World’s very best classical organs, and give the player plenty of variation for different music styles. There are also two ‘user’ locations for you to add your own voices for even more flexibility. The Classico L3 features 3 different tremulants for creating your favourite organ sounds. Other VoicesThere are 35 additional orchestral, solo and pedal voices including acoustic pianos, strings, choir and some solo instruments such as oboe, trumpet and flute. These voices can be layered, split & mixed with the organ tones, and can also be independently controlled using a foot expression or crescendo pedal (sold separately). Other Voices ListPiano, E.Piano, Blues & Gospel Organ, Harpsichords (3), Lute, Strings (3), Choir(3), Celesta, Harp, Flute, Piccolo, Violin, Viola, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, English Horn, Trumpet, Baroque Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Flugel Horn Pedal VoicesDouble Bass Section, Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, Orchestra, Tuba, Tubular Bells Sound GenerationThe beautiful sound of the Classico L3 is created using Dexibell’s TrueToLife (T2L) technology. This technology comprises of both sampling and modelling to create the ultimate realism in digital organ and orchestral voices. T2L technology analyses the player’s performance in realtime and creates the sound based upon what is being played. This means that additional components of sound are added, including sympathetic resonances, harmonics, staccato sounds and variances in timbre. The result is certainly very effective, and this is no doubt the most powerful, expressive and musical classical organ keyboard that we have ever played. Memory PistonsA total of 96 user created registrations can be saved and recalled using the pistons under the keyboard. Registrations can be saved and loaded using a USB stick, giving you an unlimited number of favourite settings. Reverb & EffectsIn addition to the tremulants, There are 7 types of reverb available which simulate various sizers of church and hall ambience from the smallest room to the largest cathedral. A master equalizer also gives you greater control over the tone. Built-In Audio Recorder / PlayerThe Classico L3 features a built in audio recorder. A good use of this would be for your organist to record hymns and accompaniments which can be played back when they are not available to perform themselves. All audio recordings are saved on widely-available USB stick memory. Recording format is .wav (48KHz, 32-bit floating). The L3 also plays back audio files in .wav .aiff .mp3 formats. Tuning, Transpose & TemperamentsThere are 7 types of temperaments and 7 historical tuning presets available. It is also possible to fine-tune the Classico L3 for when playing with other acoustic instruments. Built-In Speakers & Bluetooth Audio. The Classico L3 has a powerful built-in amplification system comprising of 2 full range 3.5 inch speakers, each delivering 35 watts of power. It is also possible to stream music through the Classico L3’s speaker system using wireless bluetooth technology from your mobile phone, tablet or other bluetooth-enabled device. Power Port For LampDexibell have put the player at the forefront of the L3’s design. The inclusion of a dedicated USB power port to attach a LED lamp for when performing under dark conditions is a unique and very welcome addition. ConnectorsThe L3 has a plethora of connectors including ¼” jacks for connection to external amplification such as a church PA system of keyboard amplifier. There are two stereo headphone outputs - one ¼” jack and one 3.5mm mini jack output. Three foot controller inputs are available for expression, damper/hold and crescendo. All three sockets are assignable to different functions. Traditional 5 pin MIDI IN, OUT & THRU sockets are included and there is also a dedicated USB midi connector for direct connection to your favourite PC or MAC computer.Additional USB "to device" connection for storage of settings and sounds on USB Memory Stick.An AUX IN connector allows you to play external audio devices through the L3’s built-in speakers using a 3.5mm stereo connection cable (available separately). Dimensions & Weight 110cm (w) x 33cm (d) x 13cm (h) Weight: 14KG Supplied Accessories Extra large music rest in plexiglass LED Power Lamp Optional Accessories Wooden made stand in matching design to compliment the look of the Classico L3 Subwoofer speaker to enhance on-board sound
Dexibell CP1 Continuous Pedal Dexibell CP1 Continuous Pedal
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Dexibell Sustain Pedal The details make the difference in Dexibell and all the accessories are a coherent expression between design, build quality and originality. The "Genuine Accessory Line" is specifically designed and designed to make the use of the VIVO series stage stages even more enjoyable. The Dexibell CP1 is a continuous pedal that can also be set in On / Off switch mode and "normally closed" position. It is equipped with non-slip rubber base.
Dexibell J7 Combo Organ Keyboard Dexibell J7 Combo Organ Keyboard
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Dexibell J7 Combo Organ KeyboardThe Dexibell J7 is a brand new Combo Organ keyboard and is the first ever instrument of this type to feature motorized drawbars. This means you can save, your favourite drawbar organ settings and the drawbars immediately jump to their memorised positions when you recall your sounds. This overcomes the limitations associated with other combo keyboards with physical drawbars when recalling your memorised sounds. The drawbars on those other instruments do not necessarily represent the sound that you are hearing when you recall one of your presets. See & Play the Dexibell J7 In Bonners Keyboard StoresWe usually have the Dexibell J7 on display and ready for you to audition in our Eastbourne Music Superstore, which is located on the South Coast of East Sussex. Our huge keyboard store has all the top keyboard brands on demonstration for you to compare next to each other and our keyboard specialists are on hand to guide you through the various technical features of each model. By prior arrangement, we can also make the Dexibell J7 available for you to try in our Reigate piano showroom, which is located just 2 miles from junction 8 of the M25 motorway. Call us on 01323 639335 to check availability of the J7 in the showroom of your choice. Part Exchange & Upgrade Your Keyboard Today!Bonners part exchange programme offers the easiest, no hassle way to upgrade your existing instrument to a new Dexibell J7. Simply email us details of the keyboard you would like to part exchange to and we’ll get back to you with a trade-in valuation. Keyboards need to be in full working order and reasonable condition for their age. If possible, please supply photographs of your instrument that show it’s condition. A Keyboard That Is Capable Of Multi-TaskingThe J7 has some of the best Tonewheel organ sounds that we have ever heard. These sounds are particularly enhanced by the built-in rotary speaker simulator, which Dexibell have worked extremely hard on to simulate all elements of the sounds and noises associated with the legendary Leslie speaker cabinets. The keybed is a good quality 73 note waterfall type, and is the traditional type of keyboard found on drawbard organ instruments. The J7 is powered by a Quad Core processor that can manage 320 digital oscillators at one time- this means the J7 has virtually limitless polyphony. Other instruments on the market have individual note waveforms averaging between one and three seconds. Using Dexibell’s T2L (True to Life) technology, low notes on the J7 have a sample length of 15 seconds. This results in a much more realistic sound and maintains the vitality and realism of harmonics whilst the sound evolves. You have to hear this keyboard to appreciate the different T2L technology makes, and we urge you to come to our store to try it out for yourself. More Than Just An Clonewheel OrganA keyboard of this quality represents a major investment for most musicians, and most players require more than just organ sounds. The J7 delivers high quality sounds to suit many musical genres & styles, and Dexibell have not compromised on the quality of these ‘other’ voices in this keyboard. The J7 includes the legendary piano voices found in the Vivo home & stage piano range, with the addition of a new piano tone created especially for stage players, called Vivo Live. This sound has been made to cut through the mix and has a full-bodied tone that stands out when you need to amongst other instruments on stage. There is a full range of electric pianos and clavs, plus orchestral and synth strings, brass & choir sounds, plus some excellent solo instrument voices such as sax, trumpet and horns. The J7 is a versatile keyboard that is just a comfortable on stage in a rock/blues band as it is at the heart of a worship band. Along with the Classico L3 – the J7’s classical brother, this keyboard is one of the most impressive instruments we’ve seen, and yet it remains a relatively well-kept secret. If you are looking for an inspirational keyboard that works in a variety of situations, with top quality sounds and convenient live features, we thoroughly recommend that you take a look at the Dexibell J7. You won’t be disappointed. KEYBOARD: 73 Keys water fall type TONE GENERATOR: T2L: Sampling and Modelling Technology SAMPLING: XXL wave size, up to 15 seconds on lower piano notes SOUND WAVE FORMAT: 24 bit linear - 48 KHz (Internal processing and DSP at 32 bit floating) DIGITAL ANALOG CONVERTION (DAC): 24 bit linear - 48 KHz, Dynamic Range, S/N:106dB MAXIMUM POLYPHONY: Unlimited with 320 Oscillator ORGAN TYPE: TW1, TW2, FARF, VX, PIPE + User1, User2 downloadable from website SOUNDS: over 100 Organ Preset + 105 Sounds + User downloadable from website TONE WHEEL: 9 MOTORIZED MEMORY: Internal: 36 / User: Unlimited loadable from USB Memory KEYBOARD MODE: 4 Parts (UPPER, LOWER, COUPLED, PEDAL) TOUCH SENSITIVITY: 5 Types + Fixed REVERB: 24 Types EFFECTS: Rotary, Overdrive, Vibrato/Chorus for Organ + 2 FX x 14 types for each part MASTER EQUALIZER: 3-band Digital Equalizer CHORD ENHANCER: YES CONTROLLERS: Part Level Encoder x 2 EQ/FX Encoder x 4  Data Entry/Song Level Encoder x 1  Master Volume KnobPart Level Encoder x 2  EQ/FX Encoder x 4  Data Entry/Song Level Encoder x 1  Master Volume Knob
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