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Hammond SKX Keyboard Series

With two 61 note keyboards featuring waterfall style keys, this superbly versatile instrument not only has a wide variety of top class organ voices, but also includes hi-definition acoustic and electric pianos, clavichords, bass, and accordion voices. Whether for stage, studio or home use, the Hammond SKX is an exciting and high quality prospect.

Light, Versatile, Powerful

Packed full of powerful features and capabilities, the Hammond SKX is nevertheless the smallest and lightest dual-manual stage keyboard that Hammond have ever produced. In this way you will be getting a vast creative capacity in an easy to manoeuvre package.

The customisation possibilities are made easier than ever before with the SKX’s huge Voice Library feature. The large amount of memory which this provides can be utilised to install custom voices, many of which can be found online free of charge. On top of that, Hammond’s presets range has been updated, retaining older classics and bringing in fresh new artist-curated presets. With all of this provided in a model which is only 16.9 kg, the SKX reaches new heights of practicality and quality all at once.


Hammond are the undisputed king of organs, and so it is only right that they give you the real deal when it comes to the sound quality. To this end, Virtual Tonewheel technology allows for the faithful reproduction of many of the iconic vintage Hammond organs, such as the seminal B-3. This, joined by popular Transistor Organ sounds and some 32 classic pipe organ voices, all makes for a rich, rewarding and authentic playing experience.

The Touch-Response Percussion as well as the chorus-vibrato function bring the sound right back to the roots of the Hammond Organ. Thanks to state of the art digital transformation, processes of intricate re-modelling can ensure that the SKX sounds just like the original classics always did.

Exciting Customisation Features

The level of care and passion which has gone into producing this instrument is easy to tell as you play. Specifically, the amount of extra features which contribute to a wide range of playing possibilities. Harmonic Drawbars, as well as a variety of Tonewheel Voices, open up your ability to tweak the sound as you wish, whilst giving you a playing experience that takes things back to the original Hammond Organ style. Taking things forward past the capabilities of traditional organs though, features such as the unique twin Extravoice feature make it easy for you to combine keyboard voices so that you have complete control.

Another brilliant addition is the digitally controlled octave shift that allows you to the raise or lower the range by one octave. The manual bass setting too gives you a lot of playing control, enabling you to play the pedal voice on the lower manual. The transpose function meanwhile allows for simpler key changes, and the Prochord function allows users to play complex phrasings with a single finger. On top of all of that, the SKX can also be used as a MIDI master keyboard.

Both our Eastbourne store and our Reigate store have the Hammond SKX in stock, so you can come on down to whichever is more convenient for you and test it out for yourself. After all, as important as finding out all of the information is, you will only get a real sense of the capability of this fantastic piece of kit once you get your hands on it! To double check that we do still have one of the models in the store closest to you, and also if you have any further questions that you want to ask about the Hammond SKX, we have a friendly team of experts on hand to have a chat if you call us on 01323 639335.

Hammond SKX Stage Keyboard Hammond SKX Stage Keyboard
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In Stock
Three Drawbar Sets The SKX offers the advantage of three independent sets of drawbars - UPPER, LOWER & PEDAL. This means you can craft your own organ sounds using real drawbars - just like the original classic Hammond tonewheel organs. Additional Voice Sections There are now two independent sample voice sections which can be activated together to produce layered sounds. You can either layer two voices together on the same manual, or have different sampled sounds on UPPER / LOWER manuals. These additional voice sections can be layered with the drawbar sounds, and the volume can be mixed for each sound generator. Easy To Use - On Stage, At Home, Or In The Studio The SKX comes pre-loaded with 100 factory sound programs - expertly created to cover the most popular Hammond tone wheel organ presets, as well as bread & butter piano, synth, electric piano and other sounds that you'll need every day. In addition to the 100 presets, there are 100 user location for you to store your own sounds. The expanded memory on the SKX allows you to download even more "extra" voices from the Hammond website for loading into the instrument. This means you can tailor your SKX to suit your own individual playing needs. Authentic Vintage Sound The SKX uses "Virtual Tonewheel" technology to faithly reproduce the sound of vintage Hammond organs including the legendary B-3. All the important sound characteristics (and imperfections!) of the original instrument have been analysed and recreated in detail. There are also popular Transistor Organ sounds which can be controlled in the original way, as well as 32 high quality classical pipe organ voices. The SKX is the perfect instrument to play a wide variety of musical styles. Percussion & Chrous/Vibrato The original organ percussion sound is present on the SKX and is created using Hammond's exclusive Touch Response Percussion system - just as it is found on the vintage instruments. As the Virtual Tonewheel Generator provides tonal accuracy, the classic "Mechanical Scanner" is precisely Digitally-Modeled, providing the timeless Hammond Chorus-Vibrato effect. The effect may be applied independently to each Manual, and again, nearly every aspect of the effect can be tailored to your taste, including the characteristics relating to "age and wear" so desired by discerning players. LESLIE� SPEAKER SIMULATOR 77 years of building Don Leslie's Masterpiece has given us the edge in developing its 21st Century Digital Edition. The HAMMOND'S essential partner is yours at every moment, with 8 factory profiles of the most famous Leslie models (122, 147, et. al.), and 8 User-definable profiles allowing you to tailor the response matching the Hammond you create with its perfect mate. The accuracy of sound is remarkable. Of course, should you wish to hook up a physical Leslie Cabinet, the traditional 11-pin jack is located on the rear panel, and the onboard controls (including the optional CU-1 "half moon" switch) perform exactly as you expect. THE EXTRA VOICE DIVISION The inclusion of Hi-Definition Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Clav, Bass, and Accordion voices compliment the Organ tones, and create in the SKX a comprehensive foundation keyboard, the backbone of any serious keyboard rig. The SKX's keying system replicates the feel of a weighted keyboard when playing piano-type voices, yet remains supple and responsive to every Hammond Organ technique. Stepping further, the most-wanted Orchestral Voices-Strings, Woodwinds and Brass are represented, many featuring Hammond's exclusive ProChord�, which brings complex voicing to single key play based on the chords YOU provide. An extensive Library of elective EXTRA VOICES is available without charge from, to expand the SKX in directions YOU choose. DIGITAL EFFECTS Two independent high-quality DSP units are aboard to provide Overdrive and other multi-effects to both the Organ and Extravoice Divisions. Over Drive Tremolo Auto Pan Wah-Wah Ring Modulator Phaser Flanger Chorus Delay Reverb Other Features OCTAVE SHIFT Digital Control allows flexibility of performance a Vintage Hammond is incapable of. You may independently raise or lower the Upper and Lower Manual's range by one octave, allowing greater comfort of playing. PEDAL SUSTAIN A popular option for playing the Pedals or Manual Bass is Pedal Sustain, which allows the Pedal voice to smoothly decay upon release, much in the manner of a string bass. MANUAL BASS Allows the PEDAL part to be played on the LOWER manual of the SKX. You can choose from 3 modes,: Lowest played note only / Chord / Root notes as discriminated by chord played. LOWER to PEDAL Couples the LOWER manual registration to the PEDAL Part. TRANSPOSE Allows you to shift the entire pitch of the keyboard to match singers, soloists and the other instruments, or to simplify key changes. MASTER EQUALIZER Bass/Mid Gain/Mid Frequency/Treble PROCHORD Certain Extra Voice instruments are enhanced with the ProChord� function. This allows complex voicings to be played with one finger, based on chords played on the lower manual. 26 distinct chords are "parsed" by the ProChord� function, with proper passing tones provided to insure proper enharmonic continuity. MIDI MASTER KEYBOARD External Zones are available to enable the SKX to be used as a MIDI master keyboard. 3 on the Upper Keyboard, 2 on the Lower Keyboard, and 1 on the Pedal Clavier. USB TYPE "A" PORT A USB Type "A" port is included, intended for saving/loading setups, system updates, downloaded Extra Voice libraries, and the music player. The Music Player allows WAV/MP3 audio files to be controlled and played through the SKX Audio Outputs. LESLIE 11-PIN JACK A standard 11-pin Leslie jack is included on the rear panel. Attaching a Leslie here disables the Digital Leslie effect from the output, and allows the Leslie Cabinet to respond to the onboard Leslie Controls. If the attached Leslie is a 1-channel Model, the EXTRAVOICE Division remains at the LINE OUT Jacks. (requiring an additional non-rotary keyboard amplifier such as the Leslie Model LS2215 or LS2012) Hammond SKX Stage Keyboard double manual, 2x 61 keys with Hammond-Drawbars Piano- & Vintage-Sounds Sound Generator: Organ Section 2 - VASE III 8 polyphony (for pedal) 63 polyphony (max. for Pipe Organ) Drawbars: 9 Pitches, assignable for Upper, Pedal, Lower Voicing Manuals: 6 choices (B-Type1, B-Type2, Mellow, Vx, Farf, Pipe) Pedal: 4 choices (Normal, Muted, Synth1, Synth2) Build-in Effects Equalizer Internal Leslie Built-in WAV-/PM3 File Music Player Display Connections: USB for Flash Drive Storage, MIDI I/O, Line Out L/R 1/4" TR, Headphones, Foot Switch, Damper Pedal, Expression Pedal, incl. Power Supply, Dimensions: 944 x 454 x 170 mm (WxDxH) Weight: 16,9kg
Hammond BCH-SK2 mk2 Bench For SK2 & SKX Hammond BCH-SK2 mk2 Bench For SK2 & SKX
£21.00 off RRP
In Stock
Hammond BCH-SK2 mk2 Bench For SK2 & SKX
Hammond BCH-SKX Portable Organ Bench Hammond BCH-SKX Portable Organ Bench
In Stock
Hammond BCH-SKX Bench For SKX Specifications: Black Metal Bench BCH-SKX Dimensions: 60cm(W) x 37cm(D) x 61cm(H) Weight: 8 kg
Hammond EXP-20 Expression Pedal Hammond EXP-20 Expression Pedal
£8.00 off RRP
In Stock
Hammond EXP20 Expression Pedal This is the original Hammond branded expression pedal suitable for use with the XK1c, SK1, SK2, XK3c and SKX models. This pedal is designed to control the volume of the keyboard/organ to which it is connected. The EXP20 plugs directly into the 1/4" expression jack socket on your Hammond instrument.
Hammond EXP50J Expression Pedal Hammond EXP50J Expression Pedal
£13.00 off RRP
In Stock
Hammond EXP50J Expression Pedal The Hammond EXP50J is a substantial, full size pedal which is designed to work with the Hammond SK and XK series keyboards and organs. Simply plug the cable into your Hammond instrument and it just works! This a a really good quality expression pedal and adds to the authentic playing experience of a Hammond instrument.
Hammond MR-SK Music Rest for SK Series Hammond MR-SK Music Rest for SK Series
£6.00 off RRP
In Stock
Hammond MR-SK Music Rest for SK Series This is the dedicated music rest designed for use with the Hammond SK range of keyboards including: Hammond SK1 (Note: SK1 requires ST-SK1 stand to use MR-SK Music Rest) Hammond SK2 Hammond SKX
Hammond SC-SKX Soft Bag For SKX & SK2 Hammond SC-SKX Soft Bag For SKX & SK2
£11.00 off RRP
Available to order
Hammond SKX and SK2 Soft Carry Bag A lightweight padded carry case deigned specifically for the Hammond SKX and SK2 keyboards. Supplied by Hammond complete with the original brand logos. This carry bag features a large pocket for accessories.
Hammond ST-SKX Metal Stand For SKX Hammond ST-SKX Metal Stand For SKX
£20.00 off RRP
Available to order
Hammond ST-SKX Metal Stand For SKXHammond ST-SK-X foldable stand for the Hammond SK-X. The stand is styled to be a perfect match to the SK-X. The width is SK-X sized. Color: Black.
Leslie CU1 Control Switch Leslie CU1 Control Switch
£7.00 off RRP
In Stock
Hammond CU1 Leslie Control Switch This half-moon shaped switch assembly is used to control the speeds of the internal digital Leslie found in the XK Pro System, XK5, XK-3, XK-3c, XK-1c, and SK-2 as well as the speeds of any Leslie speaker that is connected to the unit. This switch assembly mounts to the front rail via the two thumbscrews provided and can easily be removed for transportation purposes.


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