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Nord Piano Keyboards

Nord Piano Keyboards

Nord Piano Keyboards today are renowned as being the complete package. Offering superb sound, fantastic feel, and a range of intuitive and creative features which make playing and performing a richly dynamic and rewarding experience, the Nord Piano Keyboard is a great choice all round.

Authentic feel and sound

Nord’s sublime Virtual Hammer Technology offers an authentic feel, the like of which you might expect either from an acoustic piano or from a digital piano of a much higher price. Multiple sensors mean that your subtlest movements will be picked up. The sound is no less impressive, with a large and rich collection of options from the Nord Piano library.

Boundless creative potential

The way in which you will be able to spit the keyboard up into different voices and therefore seamlessly layer what you are playing means that you will have lots of potential to explore multiple sonic possibilities. This feature, along with the 120 polyphonic voices and the capability to load and indeed sculpt your own sounds through Nord Sample Editor and Nord Sound Manager, gives you plenty of power to play with.

Nord Piano Keyboards at Bonners Music

As well as selling the supremely high-quality keyboards themselves, we also have in stock stands, music stands and soft cases. With all this, you will be able to get going with the full set and take the sweet sounds of the Nord piano keyboard on the road!

Nord Piano 4 Stage Piano Keyboard Nord Piano 4 Stage Piano Keyboard
£484.00 off RRP
Available to order
Nord Piano 4 The Nord Piano 4 is the latest instrument from the acclaimed Nord Piano family and upgrades previous models with expanded polyphony, premium Triple sensor keybed and Virtual Hammer Technology, all of which work together to give the definitive pianoforte experience. The Nord Piano 4 is equipped with an 88-note Triple Sensor keybed (A-C) with grand weighted action. There is only one model variant available. Seamless Transitions When changing between voices on the Nord Piano 4, there is no �cut off� of the existing sound. This is down to the utilisation of Seamless Transition technology, as used in the Nord Stage range of performance keyboards. Layers 7 Splits With Crossfades! There are two voice sections in the Nord Piano 4 which can either be combined together to create a layered voice, or split the voices at one of seven points across the keyboard so you have two different voices in the upper and lower registers. A new split-point crossfade facility allows the split keyboard voices to gradually merge into one another rather than the traditional �hard� split of other instruments on the market. Organise Your Sounds With Ease Copy & Paste functions make it easy to move your patches around the internal memory so the sounds you need are easy to find whenever you need them. The new list view makes it easy to find pianos and sample synth section voices, and all sounds can be sorted alphabetically, numerically or by category. The new optional numeric pad mode means you can simply dial in the number of the sound you�re looking for! Nord Piano 4 New Features Summary Seamless Transitions for smooth program changes 7 Split Points with optional Split Point crossfades Refined Organise Mode for quickly rearranging programs Numeric Pad Mode for direct Program access The Ultimate Piano Experience Nord Piano 4 is loaded with the very best piano sounds from the exclusive Nord Piano library. The enlarged polyphone means you�ll never run out of notes, even when playing the most complex passages with plenty of sustain pedal. Get creative with the new piano filters which change the character of the sound immensely, to create innovative, cutting edge piano voices never heard before. Piano section voices include a great range of acoustic grand pianos, electric pianos, upright pianos, and digital pianos. More sounds are available to download free of charge from the Nord keyboards website. Virtual Hammer Action Technology First introduced on the Nord Piano 3, Virtual Hammer Technology recreates the hammer movements associated with a Grand Piano, to give the player a true acoustic piano experience from a digital stage piano. Triple sensors on every key pick up every nuance of your playing to give a truly expressive performance. Piano Section At A Glance Expanded polyphony (120 voices) Creative Piano Filters Virtual Hammer Action Technology Factory Bank featuring the latest Grands, Uprights, Electric and Digital Pianos All sounds are replaceable Nord Piano 4 SAMPLE SYNTH SECTION The sample section of the Nord Piano 4 is now compatible with the Nord Sample Library 3.0 (same as the Nord Stage 3) and has an expanded 512MB memory for storing your own sounds and those downloaded free of charge from the Nord website. The Nord Piano 4 comes fully loaded with a huge range of high quality sounds, which can all be replaced with sounds to suit your playing needs, using the Nord Sound manager Software (PC or MAC). Simple controls are on hand to sculpt your own sounds including attack, decay, release and filters. Use the Nord Sample Editor to create your own samples for loading into your new Nord Stage 4. Sample Section At A Glance 512 MB Memory (doubled from Piano 3) Greatly extended Polyphony All sounds are replaceable Nord Piano 4 Effects Section To enhance your sound, Nord have included a great selection of editable effects which simulate the classic tones from legendary pedals including Tremolo, Phaser, Chorus, Pan, Wah, RM, Flanger, Vibe, EQ, Delay and Reverb with a new Bright Mode. Effects can be applied to either the piano or sample synth sections. Nord Piano 4 Specification GLOBAL OLED Display Seamless Transitions Split Point Crossfades 16 banks with 25 programs - 400 locations Organize functionality for programs Live Mode - 5 Live programs Global Transpose: +/- 6 semitones Program Transpose: +/- 6 semitones Fine-tune: +/- 50 Cents Kbd Touch: 3 velocity response curves Triple Sensor keybed with Virtual Hammer Action Technology Split functionality with selectable split point and LED indication Layer functionality Mono Output option Dynamic Sustain Pedal action with the included Nord Triple Pedal USB-MIDI Free OS updates PIANO SECTION 6 types - Grand, Upright, Electric Pianos, Digital, Layer, Clavinet and Harpsichord. Each category can contain up to 20 different models. 120 Voice Polyphony (stereo/mono pianos) Piano Filters (Soft, Mid, Bright) Advanced String Resonance (Generation 2) - adjustable amount Selectable Soft Release for Grand, Upright, Electric Pianos and Harpsichord Selectable Pedal Noise for Grand, Upright and Electric Pianos 1 - adjustable amount Octave transpose: -1/+1 (-6/+6 in Split mode, depending on Split position) SAMPLE SYNTH SECTION 30+ Voice Polyphony Amp envelope with Attack and Decay/Release Selectable velocity sensitive low pass filter and dynamic range Octave transpose: -1/+1 (-6/+6 in Split mode, depending on Split position) Volume controllable with Volume Pedal (not included) MEMORY Approx. 1 GB dedicated to the Nord Piano Library Approx. 512 MB dedicated to the Nord Sample Library 3.0 EFFECTS SECTION Effect 1 Pan, Tremolo, Wah and Ring Modulator Three selectable depths for the Pan and Tremolo, rate controlled with the Effect 1 Rate knob Tremolo, Pan, Ring-Mod and Wah can be controlled with Control Pedal Effect 2 Phaser 1, Phaser 2, Flanger, Chorus 1, Chorus 2 and Vibe Two selectable depths for each effect Amp Simulations, Comp and EQ Comp/Amp - three amp/speaker simulations, Tube Overdrive Drive/Compression amount controlled with the Drive knob Three band EQ, with sweepable mid. +/- 15 dB gain/attenuation Master Effects Dedicated Reverb with Room, Stage and Hall algorithms, each with an additional Bright mode Dedicated Delay Effect - Rate, Amount and Tap-tempo function CONNECTIONS 2 Audio outputs L & R - �", 6,35 mm jacks, unbalanced 1 Monitor input - 1/8", 3,5 mm stereo jack 1 Headphone output - �", 6,35 mm stereo jack 1 Piano pedal input - �", 6,35 mm jack. Use the included Nord Triple Pedal or a momentary pedal, like e.g, Roland DP-2, DP-6, Yamaha FC-4, FC-5, Fatar VFP1-25 etc 1 Volume Pedal input - �", 6,35 mm TRS stereo jack. Use a Control/Expression pedal like e.g. Yamaha FC-7, Roland EV-5 etc. MIDI In, MIDI Out - 5 pin DIN connectors USB - type B connector - for transferring sounds and USB-MIDI IEC C14 power connector DIMENSIONS Nord Piano 4: 1287 mm (50.7"), 121 mm (4.8"), 340 mm (13.4") Nord Triple Pedal: 264 mm (10.4"), 224 mm (8.8"), 70 mm (2.8") WEIGHT Nord Piano 4: 18,5 kg (40.1 lbs) Pedal: 2 kg (4.4 lbs) INCLUDED ACCESSORIES Nord Triple Pedal User Manual Power cord Nord Piano Library v5 DVD-ROM OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Nord Keyboard Stand V2 Nord Soft Case Nord Music Stand Dust Cover
Nord Keyboard Stand EX Nord Keyboard Stand EX
In Stock
Nord Keyboard Stand The Nord Keyboard Stand is the perfect partner for your Nord instrument. Compatible with most Nord keyboards with weighted keys, the Nord Keyboard Stand has echos of the original Fender RHodes stand and looks superb on stage or in the home studio. Nord Keyboard Stand EX is a light-weight, adjustable and designed to give you maximum stability and comfort while playing. The legs are mounted on the bottom plate of your instrument, preventing it from moving around as with conventional stands. The stand is easily mounted without the use of any tools, and can be fitted in the soft case for transport. The height of the Keyboard Stand EX is 650 mm ( 25.6"). Compatible with the following Nord keyboards Nord Grand Nord Stage 3 HP76 & HA88 Nord Stage 2 HA76 & HA88 Nord Stage EX 76 & 88 Nord Stage Classic 88 & 76 revision B and C Nord Piano 88 Nord Piano 2 HA88 Nord Electro 3 HP Nord Electro 4 HP Nord Electro 5 HP Nord Electro 6 HP
Nord Music Stand EX for Stage Series, Piano 88 & C2 Nord Music Stand EX for Stage Series, Piano 88 & C2
In Stock
Nord Music Stand EX for Stage Series, Piano 88 & C2 The strong, metal Music Stand EX attaches to mounts included on the back of your Electro 3 HP, and can accommodate four sheets of music. The stand is easily mounted without the use of any tools. Dimensions: 70 x 25 cm (27.6 x 9.8"). Compatible products: Nord Grand Nord Stage 3 HP76 & HA88 Nord Stage 2 HA76 & HA88 Nord Stage EX 76 & 88 Nord Stage Classic 88 & 76 revision B and C Nord Piano 88 Nord Piano 2 HA88 Nord Electro 3 HP Nord Electro 4 HP Nord Electro 5 HP Nord Electro 6 HP Nord C2 Combo Organ
Nord Piano Monitors V2 Inc Brackets Nord Piano Monitors V2 Inc Brackets
In Stock
Nord Piano Monitors The Nord Piano Monitor System is exclusively engineered for optimal dynamic reproduction of the electric and acoustic pianos in the Nord Piano Library. Developed to give you optimal nearfield listening, the compact Nord Piano Monitor system lets you experience the true character of our renowned piano sounds with impressive depth and dynamics � a natural extension of our instruments. Mounting Brackets Included For the ultimate nearfield listening experience the Nord Piano Monitor speakers can be mounted to the Nord Piano 4, Stage 3 (rev B) and Nord Grand using the included brackets. The Monitor Brackets can also be attached to standard microphone stands. DUAL INPUTS The Nord Piano Monitors feature an additional auxiliary audio input for connecting a laptop or smartphone - perfect for playing along, rehearsing or just listening to music. COMPATIBILITY The Nord Piano Monitor system is compatible with all Nord products and can be mounted on the Nord Piano 4 and Nord Grand using optional monitor brackets. The speaker system can also be mounted on the Stage 3 HA88 keyboard if you have the REVISION B version (shipped in the UK from Sept 2019). If you plan to use the monitors with other Nord keyboards, the speakers are free standing so you'll need to purchase some free-standing floor monitor stands. PIANO MONITOR BRACKETS For the ultimate nearfield listening experience the Nord Piano Monitor speakers can be mounted to the Nord Piano 4 using the optional Monitor Brackets. The Monitor Brackets can also be attached to standard microphone stands.
Nord Soft Case for Stage HA88 & Piano 88; NOR0017 Nord Soft Case for Stage HA88 & Piano 88; NOR0017
Available to order
Nord Soft Case For Stage Series 88The Clavia Nord Soft Case For Stage 88 keeps your Nord Stage Ex instrument in perfect shape with the ultimate soft case, featuring a plush interior, thick padding, and the distinctive Nord red color.The Clavia Nord Soft Case features a large-sized pocket perfect for holding all your cables and accessories (including the Retro Legs and Music Stand). High quality wheels and an extra mid-level carrying handle makes this soft case your backs best friend.
Nord Wood Keyboard Stand V2 Nord Wood Keyboard Stand V2
Available to order


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