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Nord Wave Keyboards

Nord Wave are very much at the forefront of synth keyboard technology. If you are looking for a truly interactive, versatile and dynamic sound-making machine, then this will be for you. What is so great about Nord Wave keyboards is that they allow you to put to use traditional analog, FM synthesis, wavetable and sampled waveforms. By combining all this, you will be able to explore new sonic territories all in one easy-to-operate package. It is indicative of Nord Wave's concern always for the player's needs that they have arranged everything in such an intuitive way.

Intuitive and creative

The Layer Group feature in particular is a huge bonus of the Nord Wave 2 that we have available. This allows you to get the most out of this keyboard's engine, meaning you can group together filter, envelope, arpeggiator, LFO and effects settings. With this functionality, you can then shape your own complex layered voices using all four parts of your grouping.

For the studio and the stage

The beauty is that these can all also be controlled simultaneously. This can add a big impact to your live performance. Part of the benefit of the intuitive layout is also that it is really easy to deploy each effect such as tremolo, pan, ring mod., chorus, ensemble and vibe. You will also see that there is EQ and drive with tube emulation, as well as delay and reverb effects.

Added accessories

When you are shopping for Nord Wave keyboards here at Bonners Music, you can also get yourself a top quality soft case too! This might well be useful for the touring musicians among you who would like to add a Nord Wave to your stage rig. The padding ensures that you will be able to move it about safely. It is also built with a lovely attention to those little details - for example, it has space for you to carry all your cables as well. On top of that, it is made so that you can carry it in a comfortable way, thanks to the design of the handles and shoulder strap.

Nord Soft Case for Electro 61 & Lead 4; NOR0015 Nord Soft Case for Electro 61 & Lead 4; NOR0015 free-delivery
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Nord Soft Case For Electro 61 / Lead / WaveKeep your Nord instrument in perfect shape with the ultimate soft case, featuring a plush interior, thick padding, and the distinctive Nord red color.The mid-sized pocket on the lid will hold all your cables and accessories. Carrying handles and shoulder strap.
Nord Wave 2 Performance Synthesizer Nord Wave 2 Performance Synthesizer pre-order
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Nord Wave 2 Performance Synthesizer The Nord Wave 2 is a powerful performance synthesizer keyboard which provides four types of sound synthesis in one instrument - Wavetable, Virtual Analog, Sample based, and FM (frequency modulation). Like the original Nord Wave, the Nord Wave 2 gives you traditional analog sounds that interact and co-exist with pretty much anything you want; by combining analog, FM synthesis, wavetable and sampled waveforms - you can use literally any standard audio file as a sound source. The BIG difference with the new model is that you can now layer up to four voices together, and all aspects of the instrument have been improved from the physical design (it now has a waterfall keybed) to the effects, arpeggiators, morphing capabilities, oscillator types and more. The user interface of the Nord Wave 2 has been designed to be extremely intuitive - with plenty of hands-on controllers to shape your sound and to also control the four individual synth layers. There are dedicated volume/pan sliders for the 4-part layers and bright OLED displays for both the program and oscillator sections. This makes the instrument ideal for use on dark stages. Handmade in Stockholm, Sweden, the Nord Wave 2 has been created by people who are passionate about electronic music with incredible attention to detail. I've been waiting for a new synth from Nord for a long time now. The original Nord Wave has become a legend and is extremely sought-after on the used market. Nord has listened to customer demand and produced a new synth which surpasses so many expectations. The ability to layer four parts combined with all that hands-on control is just a delight and I can't wait to get mine! Tony White - Bonners Keyboard Specialist Who's It For? The Nord Wave 2 is the ideal keyboard to add to your existing stage or studio rig and is capable of providing never-before-heard soaring leads, ethereal textured pads, evolving rhythmic comps, as well as digital sample based voices. There is 1GB of onboard sample memory which is compatible with Nord Sample Library 3.0, and all factory samples are user-replaceable using the new Nord Sample Editor 3. Part Exchange Your Existing Keyboard We know how much you'll want to get your hands on a new Nord Wave 2 and the Bonners part exchange offer can make this faster and easier for you. Simply email us details of your existing instrument to and we'll get right back to you with a trade-in valuation. We can even arrange to collect your old instrument at the same time as delivering a new Nord Wave 2 to your door! Layer Group Feature The new group feature allows 2, 3 or 4 layers to be 'grouped' together for sharing of the same filter, envelope, arpeggiator, LFO and effects settings. This means that you can create complex layered voices using all four parts which can all be controlled together at the same time for immediate performance power. Each of the four layers can be split across the keyboard to create four zones - with Nord's optional crossfade feature available too. The latch and hold feature allows you to play a chord which continues to sound whilst you play a different tone over the top. Keyboard Action & Software Librarian The Nord Wave 2 has a 61 note waterfall keyboard with velocity response and aftertouch. As well as compatibility with the new Nors Sample Editor 3, the Wave 2 will work seamlessly with the Nord Sound Manager PC/MAC software which simplifies backup and re-organising of sounds & patches an absolute breeze. Four-Mode Oscillator Section Each of the four sound layers has its own oscillator which can work in one of the four oscillator modes: 1) Analog Mode A wide range of classic analog waveforms are available including Saw, Pulse, Pulse Width, Sine and Square. Shape waveforms allows the Oscillator Control knob to change the shape of the waveform. It's also possible to combine two waveforms to create a unique shape. The spread and detune of these combined waveforms can be also modified using Oscillator Control. Hard & soft sync configurations are available and the Oscillator Control knob controls the sync frequency. A white noise oscillator option is also available. 2) Sample Based Synthesis Use samples from the Nord Sample Library 3.0 or add your own samples using the Nord Sample Editor 3 software. Onboard sample presets are available to create instantly playable sounds, or craft your own sound using the 'Raw Samp' mode. The sample section offers over 1GB of memory and is pre-loaded with high quality samples covering many musical genres, including Choirs, Strings, Brass, Chromatic Percussion and Guitars. Nord's exclusively licenced Mellotron and Chamberlin samples are also on-board. It's possible to completely remove the factory preset samples and replace with your own choice of downloadable sounds from the Nord Keyboards website, or simply import your own samples using the Sample Editor 3 software tool - which is very easy to do! Check out the online videos on Nord's YouTube channel for a quick guide on how to do this. 3) Wavetable Synthesis Made popular in the 1980's, the wavetable synthesis found in the Wave 2 offers a large number of advanced Wavetables covering a wide range of tonal characteristics. 4) FM Synthesis 2, 3 and 4 operator FM synthesis configurations are at your disposal - all with inharmonic variations. UNISON EFFECT Apply the Unison Effect to Superwaves to simultaneously create hundreds of waveforms and results in thick, fat tones. 6 FILTER TYPES The Nord Wave 2's filter section offers six types of filter with full ADSR control including: Classic 12 & 24db low pass High Pass High Pass/Low Pass Band Pass Transistor Ladder Filter (from the Mini> LFO & MODULATION SECTION Each sound layer has its own dedicated LFO with a choice of waveforms and AD/DR Modulation Envelope. There are several 'morph' parameters and the LFO can be synced with the instrument's master clock. EFFECTS No modern keyboard is complete without powerful effects to not only enhance the sound, but create new, sonic possibilities. Each sound section has its own separate effects to give your tone a real edge. Modulation effects (tremolo, pan, ring mod., chorus, ensemble and vibe), EQ & Drive with tube emulation, Delay and Reverb effects are available at your fingertips. MORPHING CONTROL Nord introduced 'morphing' on previous synths and stage keyboards. Wave 2 takes their Morph feature to the next level with even more parameters available which can be controlled with even more sources: Velocity, Aftertouch, Control Pedal or Wheel. It's really easy to assign morph sources to parameters, and the new 'Impulse Morph' feature lets the player immediately control any parameter of their sound. POLYPHONIC ARPEGGIATOR Create exciting polyrhythms with the powerful onboard Polyphonic Arpeggiator. Patterns can be immediately edited within the instrument. The arpeggiator works in two modes: Poly Modeis a polyphonic arpeggiator mode which will retrig all keys together, or in a pattern. Different inversions enable the creation of more exciting harmonic variations. Gate Modechops your sound into rhythmic patterns with an adjustable depth parameter. MASTER CLOCK SYNC Sync the arpeggiator, LFO or certain effects internally or via MIDI clock using the Master clock SYNC feature. Delays, LFO's and arpeggiator of all four sound layers can be synced perfectly, and the Tap Tempo function makes it easy to work with backing tracks or drummers. USB MIDI CONNECTION MIDI connection via USB is available for integration with computer DAW's and also to communicate with Nord's Sound Manager and Sample Editor software applications. PEDAL COMPATIBILITY Nord is unique in that they openly publicise their products are compatible with control pedals from other manufacturers including Fatar, Yamaha FC7, Roland EV7, Roland EV5, Korg EXP2 and Korg XVP10.
Nord Wave 2 Soft Case Nord Wave 2 Soft Case
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