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Yamaha U3 Acoustic Upright Pianos

Today there are so many options when it comes to the upright piano, and these Yamaha U3 acoustic upright pianos sit right at the forefront of present day technology. Giving you all the joys of the acoustic piano, but then allowing you to play in silent mode too, the U3 series gives you a beautiful and versatile playing experience that is ideal if you might have neighbours. The silent mode is also super handy if you find yourself wanting to sit at the keys and practice during the night.

Best of both worlds

Using highly accurate sensors and digital re-creations of the most painstakingly precise nature, the U3 upright allows you to play through headphones if you want to. You will enjoy a rich and rewarding sound, whilst also enjoying that same acoustic feel which lends so much to the playing experience. When you do want to play aloud, though, you also have yourself a superbly crafted acoustic upright - and it is all in one ingenious instrument!

Advanced technology

This combination of Virtual Resonance Modelling and highly advanced Binaural Sampling is at the heart of why these pianos are so successful in what they offer. This sensors in harmony with the sampling technology make it so that the very slightest movement of the finger is picked up on and produces the slightest of adjustments in sound accordingly. It is this infinite sensitivity that means that you are not losing out on anything when you engage the silent mode. On top of that, the 20 extra pre-installed instrument sounds and the 480 voices, as well as the bluetooth connectivity, means that you are getting so much more than just that pure piano bliss.

Try it out for yourself!

If you find that you are interested in what the Yamaha U3 upright acoustic has to offer, then do feel free to head on over to one of our stores to try it out before you buy. We have one store in Reigate and another in Eastbourne. Just give us a call beforehand on 01323 639335 and we will double check that we have the model in store, and then you can drop by and give it a go!

Yamaha U3 Upright Piano; Polished Ebony Yamaha U3 Upright Piano; Polished Ebony
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The Japanese-made Yamaha U3 is one of the most consistent models of upright piano, with great attention to detail in the construction and high quality components making the touch light and responsive, and suitable for players of all ages and levels. Often referred to as an �industry standard� model due to its suitability for use in a professional environment. David Burt - Bonners Piano Specialist An expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber give the 131 cm U3 extended power and projection, with the peerless tonal and expressive control of the legendary Yamaha action. See The Yamaha U3 Upright Piano In One Of Our Specialist Piano Stores When choosing a new piano, there's nothing better than getting your hands on various instruments to ensure you're making the right choice. We keep the Yamaha U3 Upright Piano in both of our specialist piano stores, along with other new and used pianos. This means you can compare the sound and feel of a variety of instruments all under one roof. We have showrooms in Reigate (just off Jct 8 of the M25) and also on the South Coast in Eastbourne BN21 3JN. Both our piano shops have parking on-site. Part Exchange Do you already own a piano that you would like to trade-in for a new instrument? Email us details of what you have to and we will email you back a part exchange price immediately. Please include photos and the serial number. Yamaha U Series upright pianos have long been a leading choice for educational institutions, professional musicians and discriminating home pianists. Now, thanks to comprehensive redesign, these world-standard instruments are better than ever, with numerous advances in materials and construction. Refined scale designs and components improve tonal performance, while other modifications enhance strength and durability. Extra-wide music desks provide plenty of room for sheet music. And the top-of-the-line sets extraordinary standards of elegance and excellence, incorporating concepts adapted from Yamaha grand pianos. Width 153cm (60 1/4") Height 131cm (51 1/2") Depth 65cm(25 1/2") Free Yamaha Acoustic Piano Delivery Yamaha acoustic piano delivery is free of charge to England addresses where access is simple – ie no steps, stairs or other obstacles which may require additional lifting equipment or manpower. Please contact our piano department directly on 01323 636140 if you would like confirmation of free delivery, or for a delivery quotes to addresses outside of England.We can even take away your old piano for you free of charge if required. Warranty All Yamaha acoustic upright and grand pianos come with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. The warranty covers all parts and labour. If the piano needs repairing, then we come to your home. Tuning and general maintenance/servicing is not covered by warranty. Complimentary First Piano Tuning Although the instrument is tuned before leaving Yamaha’s piano workshops, we want you to be completely happy with your new piano, so we arrange an initial first tuning completely free of charge. After your new Yamaha piano has been delivered, we will arrange for a tuner to visit you and tune the instrument in your home. Complimentary tuning must be completed within 8 weeks of the piano being delivered.
Yamaha U3 SH2 Silent Upright Piano; Polished Ebony Yamaha U3 SH2 Silent Upright Piano; Polished Ebony
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Yamaha U3 SH2 Silent Piano The Japanese-made Yamaha U3 is one of the most consistent models of upright piano, with great attention to detail in the construction and high quality components making the touch light and responsive, and suitable for players of all ages and levels. Often referred to as an �industry standard� model due to its suitability for use in a professional environment. David Burt - Bonners Piano Specialist The Yamaha U3 piano is both designed and built in Japan with improved Materials, Construction, Components & Performance. At 131cm, the U3 has longer strings, larger soundboard and produces a rich, full bodied tone. The U3 model is also equipped with a sostenuto pedal which is only usually found on grand pianos. < p>Why Buy a Silent Piano? The Yamaha U3 SH2 Silent Piano offers players the ability to play an acoustic instrument through headphones, using a highly sophisticated and realistic sensor-technology, which captures every movement of the keys and recreates them digitally in great detail. Yamaha�s Flagship CFX concert grand piano is recreated in awesome detail thanks to Yamaha�s Binaural sampling technology and Virtual Resonance Modelling - and with features such as Bluetooth Audio, a selection of pre-installed voices, and connectivity to mobile devices via Yamaha�s Smart Pianist App, you have all you could possibly need in one versatile instrument. See & Try The Yamaha Silent Piano System Before You Purchase You can see and try the Yamaha Silent Piano SH2 System in our piano shops which are located in Reigate (Surrey) and Eastbourne (East Sussex). We usually have a selection of pianos fitted with the SH2 silent system ready for you to try. Call us on 01737 242174 to check which models are currently on show. Part Exchange Your Piano For A New Yamaha U3 SH2 Silent Piano If you want to upgrade your existing instrument to a new Yamaha U3 SH2 silent piano, then please send details of what you have, including photos to and we'll get right back to you with a part exchange valuation. We will need to know the make, model (if known) and serial number of your piano. We consider digital pianos, acoustic pianos, keyboards and even guitars in part exchange! Dimensions & Weight: Width 153cm Height 131cm Depth 65cm Weight: 246kg Two of the World�s Finest Concert Grand Pianos When in 'silent' mode, the Yamaha U3 SH2 defaults to Yamaha�s 9-foot Concert Grand Piano � bright, rich, and powerful. For a rich, warm sound with a beautiful sonorous bass, the press of a button takes you to the Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano. All 88 keys have been sampled individually for the most accurate representation of these exquisite instruments. Sonic Palette � Stereophonic Optimizer There are 20 sounds pre-installed to the Yamaha U3 SH2, including a variety of electric pianos, strings, and organs. To make these voices feel and sound more authentic and natural, the stereophonic optimizer reproduces the natural sound distance, making you forget you are wearing headphones and preventing your ears from getting tired after a long practice session. Binaural Sampling The default CFX sound uses Binaural technology when wearing headphones. Specialised microphones placed in the player�s ears� position capture nuances and locational information usually only picked up by the human ear. You truly forget you are wearing headphones when playing with the CFX sound and can practice for much longer periods of time than with standard stereo headphone sampling. Virtual Resonance Modelling One thing many players miss the most when playing a digital instrument are the piano�s natural resonance. A grand piano has several areas where sound travels and reverberates, such as the solid spruce soundboard, and even the outer rims of the instrument. Each time you play an acoustic piano, a limitless amount of different resonances and overtones are captured. Yamaha have recreated this in the U3 SH2, thanks to their enhanced Virtual Resonance Modelling. Every element of the acoustic instrument is captured, from the timing of the keys being pressed, to the dampers lifting from the strings and the pedals being pressed. This is captured in great detail across all 88 keys. The result is an authentic and immersive playing experience, filled with expression. Unique Yamaha Technology To further enhance the realistic playing experience when using the U3 SH2 Silent features, Yamaha�s Smooth Release technology understands the way your finger releases the key, responding to smoother legato playing as well as shorter staccato notes. Key-off samples are actual recordings that capture the subtle changes as the finger is completely lifted away from the key, as the damper felt returns to rest on the string. Sensors under each key detect continuous movement, without affecting the feel of the piano. Infinite levels of expression are therefore possible, in the same way you would expect on a standard acoustic instrument. Similar non-contact Hammer sensors work in the same way to allow both slow and rapid keystrokes, and rapid trills that would not be possible on typical digital pianos. Yamaha�s Quick Escape System means that, when in silent mode, the hammers and strings are the ideal distance apart, so the quality of touch isn�t sacrificed as with other silent models. Bluetooth Audio If you want to play along to backing tracks or songs stored on your mobile device, you can now stream wirelessly via Bluetooth with the Yamaha U3 SH2 system when using headphones. Smart Pianist App Smart Pianist is Yamaha�s own free app, which enables the player to control functions such as selecting voices or editing the metronome settings, as well as playing along to scores displayed on the Smart Device. The UD-WL01 USB Wireless LAN Adaptor (sold separately) is required to use Smart Pianist over a wireless connection. Simple & Sophisticated Control Panel A sophisticated design and intuitive interface, the control panel blends with the piano�s cabinet. Available in white finish for polished white pianos. Connectivity USB to HOST � connect to a computer or portable device and record high-quality audio without need for an external interface. AUX OUT � play through external speakers / IC recorders AUX IN � listen from external devices such as sound source modules and music players MIDI OUT � transmit performance information to external devices ie synths MIDI IN � receive and playback information from sequencers using the SH2 Tone Generator Recording As well as being able to record directly to the built-in recorder on the piano, and listen back to your performance immediately, you can also record high quality audio to a USB memory stick (not included). The data will be stored as a WAV file, ready to play on a PC or burn to CD or portable music players. Headphones The headphones included with the Yamaha U3 SH2 are �open structured� � meaning they produce an excellent quality of sound, while also minimizing the strain that can be caused by long hours of headphone playing. Metronome The built-in metronome enables the player to practice and listen to precise rhythm while playing. This, along with other features, is accessed most easily via Yamaha�s Smart Pianist app. How does Yamaha SH2 silent system differ to the cheaper Yamaha SC2 Silent system? Yamaha�s SC2 Silent System is available on the B series upright pianos, as well as the GB1K baby grand piano. You will find the SH2 system on the higher quality P, U, YUS, and SE series uprights and the GC and CX series grand pianos. Features of the SH2 vs SC2: 20 pre-installed sounds (vs 10 on SC2 system) Hammer Sensors 480 voices + 12 drum/SFX kits for playback 10 song recordings (vs 1 on SC2) Transpose +/-12 semitones (vs +/-6 on SC2) Bluetooth Audio 1.3 MB internal memory (vs 500KB) MIDI IN/OUT AUX OUT 50 Classical Pieces Book


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