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Casio Privia PX560

Casio Privia PX560 Portable Piano Keyboard Casio Privia PX560 Portable Piano Keyboard
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Casio Privia PX560 Portable Piano Keyboard The Casio PX560 portable piano keyboard is the flagship model in Casio's Privia range. The Casio PX560 takes the features of the PX360 and adds a fully programmable synthesizer, as well as Casio's Hex Layer Technology (as used in their PX5s stage piano). Hex Layer Technology enables you to create huge split and layered sounds with four zones and up to 14 layers of sound at once. All these sounds are editable and can be stored in the user memory for instant recall. The PX560 also adds three realtime control knobs for sound editing on-the-fly, as well as pitch bend and modulation wheels to addrealism and expression to your playing. Easy To Use Touch Screen Interface The Casio PX560 features an easy to use colour touchscreen interface that is very bright and makes using finding your way around the advanced features of this instrument a breeze. Full Backing Band Facilities The Casio PX560 has a full backing band on-board with lots of preset styles ready to go, or you can use the user programmable rhythm section to create your own. Professional Quality Sounds For At Home or On The Road The PX560 is packed with professional quality piano and keyboard sounds - many of which are taken from the PX5s stage instrument. You can be sure that this powerful instrument will sound just as good on the stage as it does at home. On-Board Recording Studio Incorporated into the PX560's features is a powerful multi-track recorder. You can either choose to just record a simple piano performance, or for the more adventurous composer, there is the ability to layer and multi-track up to 17 different sounds. This enables you to create some complex, full sounding orchestrations. Built-in Speaker System With Dedicated Amplification Outputs The Casio PX-560 has a built-in 16w amplification and speaker system. The speaker configuration is 12 cm x 2 + 5 cm x 2 for the best possible reproduction within the small-form-factor cabinet space. These speakers can also be used for monitoring when used on stage. Pleanty Of Outputs For Connection To The Outside World There are two headphones jacks, two pedal jacks (one pedal included in the box), stereo line-in for mixing the sound of an external device such as MP3 player or another keyboard through the internal speaker system of the PX560. Line Out is via two 6.35mm standard jack sockets and there are USB ports for connecting a memory stick, as well as direct connection to a computer to further expand the possibilities. The PX560 is also compatible with the Casio SP33 triple pedal board. Casio PX560 Features At A Glance Acoustic Intelligent Resonance Tri Sensor Hammer Action II 256 Note Polyphony Stereo Speakers DSP Effect MIDI Control Pitch Bend Wheel 4-band-equalizer Specifications Casio PX560 [Dimensions] 1322 x 293 x 147mm 12Kg Amp output: 8W+8W Auto Accompaniment Controllers: Start/Stop, Intro, Normal/Fill-in, Variation/Fill-in, Synchro/Ending Pedals: Damper (with half-pedal operation) Included: SP-3 (terminal x 2) Optional: SP-33 (damper, soft, sostenuto) Rhythms/Patterns: 220 built-in rhythms, 30 user rhythms Keyboard: Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II Touch Response: 3 sensitivity levels, Off Number of Keys: 88 Keys: Simulated ebony and ivory keys Duet Mode: Adjustable tone range (-2 to + 2 octaves) Transpose: 2 octaves (-12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones) Octave Shift: �2 octaves Layer/Split: Yes Auto Accompaniment Modes: CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 3 (on bass), Full Range Chord Input/Output: USB port: TYPE B Line Out: R, L/MONO jacks: Standard jack x 2 USB cable: (A-B type) required to use USB terminal for computer connection USB port: TYPE A Line In: R, L/MONO jacks: Standard jack x 2 Phones: x 2 (Stereo mini jack) Pedals: x 2 (Damper, Assignable) 3-Pedal Unit Connector Jack Sound Source: Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source *1 Number of Polyphony: (maximum) 256 (Audio player occupies 2) MIDI: GM Level 1 standard Terminals: MIDI IN, OUT / THRU Number of tones: 650 built-in tones: 532 Melody tones, 100 Hex Layer tones, 18 Drum sets Tuning: A4 = 415.5 Hz ~ 440.0 Hz ~ 465.9 Hz Temperaments: 17 Preset Temperaments Digital Effects: Reverb (17 Editable) , Chorus (16 Editable), Delay (6 Editable), Brilliance (4 Bands Parametric EQ), DSP (Parameter Editable DSP) MIDI: Yes (GM Level 1 compatible) Display: (LCD) 5.3-inch touch panel (5.0-inch 528 x 320-dot TFT Color LCD) Power: (Battery Type/Adapter Type) AC adaptor: AD-A12150LW MIDI Recorder: 17 tracks (1 system track + 16 multi tracks) Capacity: Approximately 50,000 notes maximum per song (total for all song tracks) 100 songs, Punch-in/Punch-out recording


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