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Roland HP603 Digital Pianos

Right here at Bonners Music, we really do love a good digital piano, and you won’t find too many better mid-range digital pianos at this price point than the awesome Roland HP603 digital piano. This digital piano looks the part and sounds the part, and you will be able to enjoy the new HP603A iteration of the model, which takes everything that was so exciting about the HP603 and adds in new Bluetooth connectivity.

Authentic and Dynamic Sound

Roland have mastered their digital sound engines so that they now can provide you with an excellent playing experience which rivals that of an acoustic equivalent. Using their top of the range SuperNATURAL technology, they have combined traditional sampling techniques with hi-tech digital sound modelling to offer you a tone which is gloriously nuanced and rich, giving you a detailed and powerful sonic world to explore. You will of course be able to listen to your playing through headphones, but also you can enjoy the gorgeous 60watt amplification system which offers 2 x 12cm speakers of 30watts each.

Modern yet Traditional

Not only does the HP603 sound great, it also feels great as you play it. This comes down to features such as the PHA-50 keyboard, which uses wood on the outside and synthetic elements inside the keys to give you an authentic feel whilst also giving you a keyboard which will last much longer than a completely wooden design.

New Connectivity Features

With the HP603A, you will also benefit from the Bluetooth connectivity which this piano is able to offer. With this additional level of connectivity, you will be able to play through external speakers and connect to your devices so that you can sync up with many apps.

Added functionality

There are lots of added features which make playing the Roland HP603 such a fun and rewarding experience. Whether this is with the built-in recording system, the 10 different types of tuning temperaments, or the 307 voices, sounds and instruments to choose from, you will be able to explore a wide and deep realm of musical expression!

If you would like to try out one of these superb HP603 digital pianos before buying, then you will be able to compare these to many other digital pianos of a similar price range in one of our stores either in Reigate or Eastbourne. Do give us a call before you head over though on 01323 639335 to check that we have the right digital pianos in-store for you to play on the day, and indeed feel free to get in touch simply to ask any questions that you might have about the HP603 range!

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Roland HP603 Digital Piano - The Complete Package From Bonners Music

The new Roland HP603 digital piano – available autumn 2015. You will be able to see, try and buy the new Roland HP603 digital piano from Bonners Music as soon as they are available from the manufacturer. The Roland HP603 is part of the new Roland range that includes the Roland HP603, Roland HP605, Roland LX7 and Roland LX17 pianos.

New features of the 2015 range include (see individual products for exact specifications):

  • Limitless Polyphony
  • New sound engine using modelling technology taken from
  • Roland’s V-Piano
  • New iPad app to edit sounds
  • Control page turns on your ipad digital scores using the piano pedals
  • New Pha50 keyboard action with wood & plastic parts.
  • 8 way speaker system
  • Bluetooth connectivity to other devices.
  • Stream audio from mobile devices to the piano audio system
  • Pia scores for ipad
  • Bluetooth MIDI interface – no cables required!
  • Scales built in for practice with accompanying backing track
  • Piano automatically turns on when lid opened Roland HP603 digital pianos in Sussex – there’s no better place to shop for your new Roland digital piano than Bonners Music in Eastbourne. We stock the entire range of Roland digital pianos, and are an accredited ‘Roland UK Partner Store’. Our showroom is located in Eastbourne, which is only a short 30 minute drive along the A27 from Brighton, and only 90 minutes train journey from London Victoria station. Click to see our showroom locator
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