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At Bonners Music we have a beautiful array of self-playing pianos from Yamaha. These really are stunning pieces of technology and are lifetime investments which will give you endless fulfillment. Have a look through the collection and you will be amazed by what these pianos will offer you.

Pianos such as the Self Playing Piano Yamaha Disklavier Grand DC7X, the DGC2 and the DC2X Enspire Pros are the epitome of excellence and, as well as producing an astounding sound, would serve as a focal point of any luxurious room, whether in the home or in a 5 Star Hotel.

As well as grand piano options, there are also a number of upright self-playing pianos such as the Yamaha Disklavier Upright DU1 Enspire and the Yamaha Disklavier Upright DYUS1 Enspire. Whichever piano you go for here though, you can be sure that it will be the ideal marriage of timeless style, stunning tone and innovative technology.

If you want to try and compare before you buy, as well as simply watch and listen to these wonderful models as they play, come on down to our Reigate Piano Centre to give some of the self-playing pianos a go. We have a team of experts who would also be happy to chat with you over the phone if you have any questions about the range, so do give us a call on 01737 242174.

Second Hand Yamaha GranTouch DGT2A Disklavier Self Playing Piano; Serial No:42189 Second Hand Yamaha GranTouch DGT2A Disklavier Self Playing Piano; Serial No:42189 sale
In Stock
Second Hand Yamaha GranTouch DGT2A Disklavier Self Playing Piano; Serial No:42189 Tested and is in Full Working Order Condition:(please see photos) Cleaned Includes: Remote Control Updated to USB Manual Power Supply 1 Year Warranty Free Delivery UK Groundfloor Yamaha's incredible DGT2A combines full Disklavier III capability, a Yamaha grand piano keyboard assembly and Yamaha's stunning digital piano sound technologies in a compact grand piano-esque cabinet. An extraordinary integration of musical technologies Combining a century of Yamaha acoustic piano expertise with state-of-the-art Yamaha digital technology, Disklavier GranTouch grand pianos offer unsurpassed performance and versatility for playing, learning and musical entertainment. Updated to the latest USB drive, so now you can have thousands of songs on one USB stick ready to play all your most loved songs. Real grand piano keyboard Incorporating the peerless Yamaha grand piano keyboard and action mechanism, the DGT2A offers a solid, natural touch and expressive control far superior to that of most digital pianos. Optical key and hammer sensors capture the subtlest nuances of expression, without mechanical interference, while pedal sensors register foot control as well. Superb concert grand sound Piano tones are stereo sampled across the full dynamic and tonal range of the Yamaha concert grand. Incredibly lifelike, they even recreate the harmonic resonance from other strings when using the sustain pedal. Reverb effects can simulate chamber and hall acoustics, and the 60W x 2, six-speaker audio system delivers rich, full, powerful sound. Elegant piano cabinetry The DGT2A, compact modern styling, is crafted to the standards of the finest furniture, with an opening lid and impeccable attention to every detail. The DGT2A is an elegant addition to any room. The advantages of a digital Unlike acoustic pianos, the DGT2A lets you control performance volume, or play and listen in total privacy through one or two pairs of headphones. They never need tuning, adjust easily to the pitch of other instruments, and connect to external MIDI and audio components. Recording & playback Disklavier technology lets you record and reproduce what you play, or enjoy the performance of world-class artists 'live' in your own home. You can cancel the key movement to play along, change the tempos transpose into other keys — even play one hand while the piano plays the other. Nearly 700 digital voices The Yamaha XG tone generator provides 697 instrumental and speciality voices (491 selectable) plus sophisticated digital effects. It also interacts with other MIDI equipment, and enables orchestrated piano/ensemble concerts. Audio/MIDI CD capabilities Equipped with both CD and UPGRADED to USB, the DGT2A can play a wide variety of music software. The DGT2A also reproduces high-fidelity audio tracks, so you can enjoy piano playback complete with instruments and vocals. Versatile programming You can store a library of favourite songs on 16 internal memory disks, group selections as you like, link groups for continuous chain-play performance, even program automatic timer-controlled concerts. Direct computer interface A simple cable connection lets you link your DGT2A with the power of your PC, for extended song storage and access to a wide world of computer software, peripherals and online music resources. The piano that anyone can play SmartKey™ technology makes it easy for anyone to play, even if you've never touched a keyboard before, leading you through songs note by note and providing professional embellishments and auto-accompaniment. Keyboard: 88-key (7 1/4-octave) Yamaha grand piano keyboard and action Pedals: Sustain, shift and Sostenuto Sensor System: Optical key-position, hammer-speed and pedal-position sensors (Sostenuto pedal: on/off only) Drive System: Key-end solenoids Piano Tone: AWM2 digital stereo sampling (CFIIIS concert grand) - 30 MB wave memory - 32-note stereo sampling/64-note stereo polyphonic - Sustain pedal resonance effects - Reverb ( 3 modes w/depth control) Ensemble Tone: Advanced Wave Memory2 (AWM2), XG/GM modes - 676 normal voices (480 selectable) - 21 drum kits (11 selectable) - 32-note polyphonic - 16-part multi-timbral - Tunable +/-50 cents (with piano tone) Amplification: Stereo (60W x 2) - 3-way speaker system (16, 10, 2.5 cm) x 2 Internal Data Storage: 1 MB x 16 flash memory disks (16 MB total) - Up to 9 disk groups and 99 program sets - SMF (0,1) / E--SEQ file format Removable Media: 3.5" 2HD/2DD floppy disks - Audio/.MIDI CDs Connectors: MIDI In/Out, AUX In/Out, Headphones x 2, To Host (MIDI, PC1, PC2, Mac) - To Piano - CD Control - Audio/Analog MIDI In Playback Functions: Media select (USB, CD, memory disk 1~16) - Transpose (+/- 24 notes) - Piano/ensemble balance - Recording 16 tracks - L/R (split or full) - Quantize - re-record - track edit Metronome: - Visual/audible (with volume control) - 30 ~ 400 bpm, 1/4 ~ 9/4 time Utility: Song copy, sort, delete, title, convert disk format, copy, title, clock/timer, time/date stamp Dimensions: ( D x W x H) 88 x 149 x 97 cm (34-1/2" x 58-1/2" x 38") Weight: 124 kg (273 lbs.) including control unit


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