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The Best Digital Pianos Under £1000

Best Pianos Under £1000

If you're looking for a digital piano for yourself or your family, there are some really great models available in the sub-£1000 price bracket. We've put together our favourite selection of digital pianos under £1000 and have grouped them into four categories to make it a little easier for you to choose:

Do you need help choosing the right digital piano for your needs? Click the "SHOW MORE" button below for our buying advice and tips to help you narrow down the options to suit your individual needs.

Cabinet Pianos - Full Size

Portable Pianos

Portable Pianos With Wooden Stand

Cabinet Pianos - Slimline

Do you want a traditional cabinet style piano or something portable with a foldable stand? Some of the portable pianos are also available with a matching wooden stand which is ideal if you need a smaller instrument to fit in a child's bedroom with a sturdy base.

Keyboard Touch
Usually, the more you spend on a digital piano will result in a more authentic (acoustic piano-like) keyboard touch. Keyboard touch is one of the very most important considerations when purchasing a digital piano. We recommend keyboards with synthetic 'ivory feel' keys, and graded hammer actions - heavier touch in the lower registers and lighter touch in the top octaves, just like an acoustic piano.

Piano Sound
You need to like the sound of your new piano - check out our YouTube channel to hear sound examples and feature demonstrations of most of the popular models.

Additional Features
If you're struggling to choose a piano under £1000 then it might come down to selecting which additional features you need.

Do you need lots of voices (sounds)?
Kawai and Casio models offer the largest number of voices.

Do you Need Recording Features?
The very cheapest models Yamaha P45, Casio CDP-S100, Roland FP10 don't have onboard recording facilities.

Bluetooth Connectivity
If you're thinking of connecting your new piano to a tablet device to aid learning, or just for having some fun playing with the many thousands of musical apps that are now available, you might want to consider a piano with wireless Bluetooth connectivity. There are two types of Bluetooth connectivity associated with digital pianos - Bluetooth Audio and Bluetooth MIDI.

Bluetooth Audio allows you to stream the audio from your device using the piano's speaker system. This is great for playing along with your favourite songs and backing track from websites such as Spotify or Youtube.

Bluetooth MIDI is a form of communication which allows the piano to interact or record with some apps, such as Apple's Garage Band, Sibelius, Cubase or most other musical composition software which has MIDI compatibility.

Some piano manufacturers provide their own apps which can be used to unlock additional features of an instrument (check out Roland's Piano Partner 2 app) or apps which simply act as an intuitive touchscreen user interface rather than the button controls on the piano.

One thing to watch out for is that NO DIGITAL PIANOS ALLOW THE USE OF WIRELESS BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES. This is because there is a small delay (known as latency) between pressing the keys and hearing the sound when using wireless headphones.

Want A Piano Quickly? - Here's What We Have In Stock Now!

If you need a piano quickly (as many people do whilst we're in lockdown!) here's a selection of our best models which are available right away. This list is updated daily. Order now for delivery within 2-3 days.

Cabinet Pianos - Full Size

Digital pianos Under £1000

If space is not an issue, and you don't need to move the instrument around too much, then a full-size digital piano would always be our first recommendation. Larger cabinet design means there is more space for the speaker system to resonate, resulting in the best possible sound quality for the price. Check out our recommendations for the best digital pianos under £1000 below.

Portable Pianos

Portable pianos Under £1000

A portable model can be useful if space is at a premium, or you need an instrument to move between different locations. Most of the portable instruments can be supplied with a folding metal stand, or an optional matching wooden stand (scroll down to the next section to see examples of these).

Portable Pianos With Fixed Wooden Stands

Portable pianos with stand Under £1000

Most portable pianos are also available with fixed height wooden stands. These stands offer a more sturdy base, as well as looking nicer in the home. The wooden stands usually attach using four screws and are not particularly heavy, so moving the instrument around the home can still be done quite easily.

Cabinet Pianos - Slimline

Slimline digital pianos Under £1000

In the last few years, slimline digital pianos have become increasingly popular. They offer the same features as the full-sized cabinet models but in a smaller, less intrusive cabinet design - which are ideal for smaller homes and locations where space is at a premium. These models have sliding key covers and higher power speaker systems than the portable models featured above.


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