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Second Hand Guitar Amps

Blackstar FS-14 MKII HT Series Footswitch Ex Demo Blackstar FS-14 MKII HT Series Footswitch Ex Demo exdisplay
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Blackstar FS-14 MKII HT Series Footswitch Ex Demo This Blackstar FS-14 footswitch is for use with the HT Venue MKII amplifiers. It is fully working and just has a few cosmetic marks on it which are pictured. The 5-way Blackstar FS-14 Footcontroller enables easy access to all Channels and Voices, plus the global boost function and Reverb switching for maximum control.
Blackstar HT Stage 100H MKII Head Secondhand Blackstar HT Stage 100H MKII Head Secondhand secondhand
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Blackstar HT Stage 100H MKII Guitar Amp Head Secondhand This Blackstar HT100 HT Stage head is in great condition. Less than 6 monthes old./ It includes cover, footswitch and manual. The flagship Blackstar HT Stage 100 MkII guitar amp head uses a quartet of selected EL34 power valves to deliver 100W of British dynamics with 3 channels offering 6 voices for amazing tonal versatility. The 'boutique' style clean channel has two modes - 'British Class A' and 'dynamic US'. Each of the two ISF equipped overdrive channels accesses a further two modes. From the studio to the stage the Blackstar HT Stage 100 MkII is the ultimate amp delivering ground-breaking cleans, rich full overdrives and offering maximum control and flexibility. Can you be without one? Innovative 100 Watt valve head 2 x ECC83 and 4 x EL34 valves Three footswitchable channels Six footswitchable voices Boutique clean channel with expanded tone controls Two high gain overdrive channels Patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) Power Reduction down to 10 percent of full Wattage Presence, Resonance, Master Volume Digital Reverb with Dark/Light switch Speaker Emulated output with 1x12/4x12 voicing Effects loop with effects level switch USB for recording Footcontroller included Compact size for ultimate portability Cool boutique styling
Blackstar HT112 MKII Guitar Cab Secondhand Blackstar HT112 MKII Guitar Cab Secondhand
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Blackstar HT112 MKII Guitar Cab Secondhand This Blackstar HT112 MKII cab is in great condition. A few slight marks to the metal corner pieces to the rear of the cab (photo's attached). The Blackstar HT Venue MkII Series has four outstanding speaker cabinets that are all equipped with Celestion drivers and have been voiced to work with the HT Venue MkII amplifiers, as well as a wide range of other products. All the cabs have finger-locked (comb) joints, heavy duty wiring and a cool vintage styling. The HTV 112 speaker extension cabinet features one 12" speaker. 1x12 80W 16Ω Mono Open back design Celestion loudspeaker Rugged construction Designed for use with the HT Venue range
Roland Blues Cube Stage Guitar Amp Ex Demo Roland Blues Cube Stage Guitar Amp Ex Demo sale
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Roland Blues Cube Stage Guitar Amplifier This Roland Blues Cube Stage Guitar Amp is in full working order and includes manual and all original packaging. It has been on display on the shop floor and has a few marks to the covering (photo's attached). The reinvented Blues Cube series launches the classic 1x12 combo amp into a new era, combining genuine tube sound and response with modern reliability and easy portability. Going far beyond modelling, Roland’s Tube Logic design philosophy starts with carefully reproducing the inner workings of the revered tweed-era tube amp in every way, from guitar input to speaker output. Versatile clean and crunch channels can be used independently or combined for a complex range of tones, while variable output power modes let you dial in burning, full-throttle sound at any volume. Road-tested and fine-tuned with feedback from top players, the gig-ready Blues Cube delivers the sweet, magical tone and satisfying feel that makes a great guitar amp a highly expressive musical instrument.Warm, bouncy, responsive, dynamic, elastic…these are all terms that guitarists use to describe the satisfying experience of playing their favourite tube amps. Thanks to Roland’s Tube Logic, these words can be applied to the Blues Cube Stage as well. Dramatically evolved from the first-generation sound of the original Blues Cube amps from the ‘90s, today’s Tube Logic accurately provides the complex, highly interactive behaviour of classic tube designs in meticulous detail, providing the magical “it” factor that takes a guitar amp from a simple sound system to a living, breathing musical instrument. Great feel, distortion control with touch and volume, bloom, sparkle, power supply “sag,” and more—everything that players love about a finely tuned vintage tube amp is present in abundance with the Blues Cube. Performance-ready 60-watt combo guitar amplifier with authentic tube tone and touch response Roland’s comprehensive Tube Logic design delivers the interactive tonal behaviours of famous fine-tuned vintage tube amps, including preamp and output tube distortion characteristics, power supply compression, and much more Independent Clean and Crunch channels, plus unique Dual Tone mode for blending channels to expand tonal possibilities Master volume and three-band EQ, plus Boost and Tone switches on each channel Four-way Power Control (0.5 W, 15 W, 45 W, Max) allows for cranked-amp tones at any volume Onboard high-quality reverb Classic open-back design with custom 12-inch speaker and poplar cabinet for enhanced presence on stage Stylish, modern look with a vintage vibe Efficient, lightweight design provides easy portability without sacrificing tone quality USB output for high-quality direct recording to a computer Channel selection and Dual Tone can be controlled with optional footswitches
Second Hand DV Mark Jazz 12 Guitar Amp Second Hand DV Mark Jazz 12 Guitar Amp secondhand
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This DV Mark Jazz 12 guitar amp is a winner!. It sounds great for those warm round jazz tones with good EQ and Reverb. The amp is light and highly portable and is perfect of all those jazz gigs. The DV Mark Jazz 12 is in good condition, comes with manual and has been fully tested with 12 month warranty. Preamp Amp: Solid State Power Amp: Analog Controls: Master | Bass - Mid - High | Rev Other Features: Aux IN, Headphone OUT, XLR Line Out,Speaker ON/OFF Output for external cab (minimum load 8 ohm) Power: 50WRMS@8ohm / 60WRMS@4ohm Speaker size: 1x12” DV Mark Custom Impedance: 8 ohm Size (cm): 43.5 (w) | 42.5 (h) | 30.5 (d) Size (inches): 17.12" (w) | 16.73" (h) | 12" (d) Weight:18.95 lbs / 8.6 kg
Second Hand Fender Mustang II V2 Guitar Amp Second Hand Fender Mustang II V2 Guitar Amp secondhand
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Fender Mustang II V.2 Guitar Amp Secondhand This second hand Fender Mustang II V2 guitar amp is in fair condition with manual and footswitch. It has been tested and is in full working order. The world's best-selling amplifier series is back with new features, a new look and all the flexibility you've come to expect from a Fender® Mustang. The new Fender® Mustang V.2 amplifier series raises the standard for modern guitar versatility and muscle, including five new amp models, five new effects and intelligent pitch shifting. The new Mustang Series features USB connectivity and Fender® FUSE software, letting your musical creativity and imagination run wild. Seventeen high-quality Fender and other amp models including five new ones, such as ’57 Twin and ‘60s Thrift; 24 onboard presets (unlimited storage with computer); a full palette of effects including reverb, delay/echo, tremolo, phaser, with additional new effects including Big Fuzz, Green Screamer and pitch shifting (with even more available through Fender® FUSE™); new low-noise power amp platform; chromatic tuner; USB connectivity for user programming and audio recording output; auxiliary input for media player; Fender® FUSE™ application for deep editing, preset storage, patch swapping and free artist content; Ableton® Live Lite 8 Fender® Edition studio-quality recording software compatible with Mustang USB recording output; AmpliTube® Fender® LE edition with free Fender® FUSE™ editor/librarian software for Mac and PC (makes Mustang ideal for guitarists new to digital recording). Height: 17.25 Length: 22.0 Weight: 28.02 Front Panel: Black Amplifier Type: Solid State Footswitch: Optional 1-Button Footswitch Channels: One Inputs: One - 1/4" Speaker: One - 12" Fender® Special Design Amplifier Height: 17.25" (438 mm) Amplifier Length: 8.7" (22 cm) Amplifier Weight: 24 lbs. (10.9 kg) Amplifier Width: 18.25" (46.4 cm)
Second Hand VOX VT20+ and VFS5 foot switch Second Hand VOX VT20+ and VFS5 foot switch secondhand
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Second Hand VOX VT20+ and VFS5 foot switch Used but well looked after Vox VT20+ guitar amplifier. It has been fully tested in store and come with a 12 month warrenty. Vox VFS5 footswitch included. The Vox VT20+, part of the Vox Valvetronix+ Series – the latest in Valvetronix evolution, featuring 99 ready-to-play presets, a massive infusion of effects, plus an all-new Power Level control. Of the broad lineup of VOX amps – from large all-tube amps to mini transistor amps – the Valvetronix Series is acclaimed by the broadest range of musicians and is being used in the widest variety of musical scenarios today. Delivering the perfect fusion of great tube amp sound and cutting-edge modeling technology, the original VOX Valve Reactor circuitry made its sensational debut in 2001 as the guitar amp for the new century. Since then, it has undergone continual renewal in response to the latest developments in amps, and in order to flexibly meet today's needs. Now in 2010, the Vox Valvetronix+ series is once again powerfully and dynamically reborn, offering a larger number of highly evolved amp models than ever before. Vox Valvetronic+ VT20+ Tube-driven VOX Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12 AX7 vacuum tube for true-tube tone Number of amp models: 33 Number of effects Pedal effect types: 11 Modulation/Delay types: 11 Reverb types: 3 Noise reduction: 1 Number of programs Preset: 99 User: 8 (2 banks x 4 channels) Input/output jacks Top panel:INPUT jack (¼” Mono) PHONES jack (Stereo) AUX IN jack (Stereo) Rear panel: FOOT SW jack Power amp output: maximum 30 W RMS @ 4 Speaker: VOX original; 8 inch, 4 ohms Power supply requirements: AC, local voltage Power consumption: 25 W Dimensions (WxDxH): 422x222x376mm/16.6x8.7x14.8inches Weight: 8.8kg/19.4lbs. Included items: Power cable Options: VOX VFS5 Foot Switch


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