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Second Hand Hammond Keyboards

Second Hand Hammond XK3c Organ Keyboard Serial No 14055245 Second Hand Hammond XK3c Organ Keyboard Serial No 14055245 secondhand
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Second Hand Hammond XK3c Organ Keyboard Serial No: 14055245 This has undergone a full check including: Tested and is in Full Working Order Condition: (please see photos) Cleaned Includes: Original Box Owners Manual Power Supply 1 Year Warranty Free Delivery This model is a truly excellent clonewheel organ keyboard! The XK3 is the most 'full on' Hammond single manual ever seen or heard. The organ delivers the most powerful and authentic sound imaginable. This is a Hammond for the most serious and demanding of players, and without a doubt it is the real deal.This instrument is definitely the way forward for anyone who needs authentic B3 sound and feel. At just over 19 kilos, XK3 represents the ultimate compromise for the touring musician. Improved digital Leslie means your completely self contained and can just set up and play. Coupled with a Leslie 21 system it is the definitive Hammond setup.
Second Hand Key B Duo MK2 Hammond Style Drawbar Organ With Full Pedalboard Second Hand Key B Duo MK2 Hammond Style Drawbar Organ With Full Pedalboard secondhand
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Second Hand KeyB Duo organ MkII A magnificent drawbar organ - home use only by previous owner. INcluded in the sale are the following items: Key Be Duo 2 Manual Organ Organ Stand Pedalboard Bench ��LATEST IN MODELING TECHNOLOGY The KeyB Duo uses DLQ's own unique "Physical Instrument Modeling" algorithm. With PIM you hear an exact clone of the classic tonewheel organ. The result is the natural sound of tonewheels that can't be obtained when using traditional sampling. PIM provides the best reproduction of the sound produced by a tonewheel organ, including cross talk, tonewheel flutter, electric hum and octave tapers. ��ALL NEW ROTARY SIMULATION Maybe you don't have one or it's not convenient to take a rotary speaker with you. Don't worry! The new KeyB Rotary Simulation is incredibly realistic. It's so good you'll have to look twice to see where the rotors are, this is because of the PIM engine. ��EASY TO PLAY When you sit down at the KeyB Duo, all you have to do is turn it on and play. Everything you need and are familiar with, on a classic tonewheel organ, is there right where it belongs. No confusing menus or LCD screens full of features that you most likely don't or won't use. After all, it's an organ. ��FULL SET OF DRAWBARS If you have been playing a classic tonewheel organ, then you will feel at home with the KeyB Duo. It has two full sets of 9 drawbars for the upper keyboard, two full sets of 9 drawbars for the lower keyboard and 2 pedal drawbars. ��WATERFALL KEYBOARDS Along with the best sound and being easy to play, the KeyB Duo has two heavy-duty 61-note keyboards with the feel of an organ, not a synthesizer or cheap portable keyboard. If you play pedals, then you can purchase the optional 25 full-sized console pedals. The KeyB pedals are heavy-duty and are same radius as the classic tonewheel organs, which makes playing the pedals feel right. ��HARMONIC PERCUSSION Located right where they belong are the rocker tabs to control the 2nd and 3rd harmonic percussion. Soft and normal percussion volume, fast and slow percussion attack. ��VOLUME, VIBRATO AND CHORUS You can use vibrato/chorus independently for the upper and lower manuals or together just like the classic drawbar organ. Use the familiar rotary control to select all three Vibrato and Chorus settings. ��UPPER REALTIME CONTROLS The upper manual realtime controls include transpose, volume, reverb, overdrive, keyklick, crosstalk, pitch bend, modulation and switches for local/MIDI control and upper manual drawbar set A/B. ��LOWER REALTIME CONTROLS The lower manual realtime controls include bass, treble, rotary control and switches for local/MIDI control and lower manual drawbar set A/B, and bass pedal controls including local on/off, bass to lower on/off, string bass on/off and string bass decay. ��EXTERNAL SPEAKER READY The KeyB Duo can be connected to either a keyboard amplifier or if you need more power, connect it to an external rotary speaker via the line outs. ��MIDI AND CONTROLLERS The KeyB Duo has MIDI in and out for the keyboards and the pedals, and inputs for a rotary switch, expression pedal and sustain pedal. The Gospel set switch allows you to invert the upper and lower drawbar sets. A USB connector is available for easy software upgrades.


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