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Akai LPD8 Laptop Pad Controller Akai LPD8 Laptop Pad Controller
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Measuring in at just 13 inches, LPD8 is a USB MIDI pad controller that's meant to escape the boundaries of your studio. It weighs less than a pound, will easily fit into a laptop case, backpack, or messenger bag, and gives you great-feeling pads and simple parameter controls so you can make music wherever you are. Lose the Mouse, Forget the Keyboard Music was never meant to be created with a mouse and computer keyboard. With LPD8, you’re no longer limited to making music in a stiff, non-musical way. Pound out new beats on LPD8's drum pads. Add and tweak effects using LPD8's Q-Link knobs. LPD8 provides a satisfying production experience that travels with you. Production in your Pocket LPD8 is based on Akai Professional’s MPC line of iconic music production workstations. The backlit pads are velocity-sensitive, perfect for programming rhythmic or melodic parts. Send note information, MIDI CCs, or program changes from the pads to your software, and assign each of the eight Q-Link knobs to control any parameter. When Inspiration Knocks Be ready to answer. LPD8 has four memory banks, so you can set it up to work with each of your favorite software programs instantly. Plus, it's class-compliant and USB-powered, so there are no drivers to install and there's no power adapter required. Just put LPD8 in your computer bag and be ready to make music.
Novation XioSynth 49 Key Synthesizer Keyboard B-Stock Novation XioSynth 49 Key Synthesizer Keyboard B-Stock pricedrop
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Novation XioSynth 49 Product Description The Novation XioSynth 49 Key USB Synthesizer with Audio Interface. Combines a Novation-class Synthesizer, an audio solution, MIDI remote controller, MIDI interface and a multi-effects processor, an ideal complete solution for your Mac or Windows computer. The Novation XioSynth 49 is a complete music recording/producing workstation in a compact and highly affordable format. It boasts a powerful 8-voice Novation synthesizer engine with several cool features, like the X-GATOR onboard patch sequencer and 200 fantastic preset sounds, including 60 from internationally renowned artists and producers. In addition, the Novation XioSynth 49 has USB audio and MIDI interfacing capabilities, with 2 ins / 2 outs, phantom power and ultra-low latency. Furthermore, the Novation XioSynth 49 is a dual mode device, which also acts as a comprehensive MIDI controller, with 16 onboard Templates for controlling popular software and hybrid modes for simultaneous synthesising. Add to this a multi effects processor, a high quality semi-weighted keyboard and the popular Xpression pad and stick and you have every tool needed to create your next masterpiece.
Second Hand Casio WK7600 Keyboard Second Hand Casio WK7600 Keyboard secondhand
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Second Hand Casio WK7600 Keyboard Tested and is in Full Working Order Condition:(please see photos) Cleaned Software Reset Includes: Music Rest Manual Power Supply 1 Year Warranty Free Delivery The Casio WK 7600 Portable Keyboard features a 76-key keyboard that provides a realistic piano experience including piano-shaped, touch-sensitive keys and a high-output 2-way speaker system. The WK 7600 offers 800 built-in sounds and the ability to store up to 100 user tones, along with an on-board rhythm section which includes 250 orchestrated accompaniment styles. Take advantage of the high-quality sound produced by AHL sampling and discover the musician in you with complete creative freedom. Casio WK 7600 Portable Keyboard Keyboard: 76 piano-style keys Touch response: 2 sensitivity levels, off Sound Source: AHL (Tri-element) Maximum Polyphony: 64 Tones: 820 built-in tones including 50 drawbar organ tones (100 user tones Layer/Split: Layer, Split (variable split point) Digital Effects: Reverb: 10 types Chorus: 5 types (simultaneous use with DSP not supported) DSP: 100 preset, 100 user (simultaneous use with Chorus not supported) EQ (Equaliser): 5 (Off, Soft, Bright, B.Boost, Powerful) Auto Harmonize: 12 Arpeggiator: 150 Rhythms/Patterns: 260 Built-In Rhythms (100 user rhythms) Auto Accompaniment: Modes: CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 3 (on bass), Full Range Chord Controllers: Start/Stop, intro, Normal/Fill-in, Variation/Fill-in, Synchro/Ending Built-In Songs: 5 demo tunes Metronome: Beats: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (Tempo range: quarter note = 30 to 255) Recorder: Song Sequencer: 16 multi tracks + 1 System Track, 5 songs, approx 30,000 total notes (real-time recording, step recording, song edit, track edit, event edit, punch-in/out Other Functions: Audio recording/playback: 5 files maximum (approx 13 mins of recording per file) Mixer: 32 channels + EXT IN (INST IN, MIN IN), 9-slider operation Pattern sequencer: real-time recording, step recording, quantize, Easy Edit, Event Editor, part parameters (100 user rhythms) Drawbar Organ: 9 drawbars / 50 built-in tones / 50 user tones Tone editor (100 user tones) Registrations: 96 setups (6 sets x 16 banks) Music preset: 305 preset with chord progression, chord edit (100 user presets) One-touch preset: 260 presets Temperaments (scales): Preset scale (Equal temperament + 16 types)/Scale fine tune Octave shift: +/- 2 octaves Rhythm/Song Controller Pitch bend wheel: 0 to 24 semitones Modulation button Sliders (9 sliders used for drawbar organ and mixer) Large dial Key Transpose: +/-1 octave (-12 to +12 semitones) Tuning control: A4 = 415.5 - 440.0 - 465.9 Hz Pedals: Standard jack (sustain, soft, sostenuto, start/stop) Display Screen: LCD with backlight SD memory card slot: Supported memory cards: From 2GB up to 32GB SD memory cards or SDHC memory cards Functions: SMF playback (up to 320 KB per file), file save/load/delete, card format Save/Load: Registrations, user rhythms, user tones, user drawbar organ tones, user DSPs, user music presets, song sequencer songs, audio recording files. MIDI: GM Compatibility: Level 1 Terminals: USB Speakers: 12cm x 2 + 3cm x 2, bass-reflex system, speaker on/off Amp Output: 7 W + 7 W Input/Output Terminals: Mic in Instrument in Audio in Line output (L/MONO, R) Headphones (standard stereo jack) Sustain/assignable USB type B External power (12V DC) Power Requirements: Batteries: D-size x 6/AC adaptor: AD-A12150LW Dimensions (W x D x H) 1161 x 385 x 147 mm Weight: 8.3kg Included Accessories: Music Stand, AC Adaptor
Second Hand Kawai MP10 Stage Piano; Serial No:G146542 Second Hand Kawai MP10 Stage Piano; Serial No:G146542 secondhand
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Second Hand Kawai MP10 Stage Piano; Serial No:G146542 Tested and is in Full Working Order Condition:(please see photos) Cleaned Includes: Music Rest Original Box Power Supply 1 Year Warranty Free Delivery 88 fully weighted wooden keys Ivory-touch key surfaces - RM3 grand action with let-off - Ultra progressive harmonic imaging27 sounds - USB floppy disk drive - USB to host - USB to device From the moment you sit down at the MP10 you realise it's something different, something special. Perhaps it's the sight of your own hands reflecting in the tall fallboard, or the authority of a family name that has been building exceptional pianos for eight decades. Either way, this is clearly a cultured instrument that demands to be taken seriously. Keyboard ActionTake a little time to play the keyboard - gently at first, then really dig into it. It's all there, everything you'd expect from a master piano builder: the quality of the IvoryTouch key surfaces beneath your fingertips, the smooth, consistent movement of the long wooden keys, and the reassuring grade-weighted touch that feels just like the real thing. Kawai actions are renowned for being the best in the business, and the RM3 Grand action in this new MP is definitely no exception.All eighty-eight black and white keys are crafted entirely from long pieces of wood, pivoting smoothly on a central balance pin, to replicate the familiar "seesaw" motion of an acoustic piano action. When pressed, the back of each key triggers a grade-weighted hammer to play the note, while additional counter-weights are also placed at the front of the bass keys, helping to lighten their heavier touch during pianissimo passages and the let-off simulation recreates the subtle "notch" sensation felt when softly playing the keys of a grand piano. SoundHowever a great action counts for nothing if the sounds aren't up to scratch, and today's working pianist needs sufficient variety in their board's main patches if they're going to cover everything on the setlist. Fortunately this is another area where the MP10 really shines - we've quadrupled the amount of sample memory and focused our attention on nailing the sounds that really matter. Brand new acoustic pianos, individually miked and recorded for classical, pop, and jazz, with three distinct variations of each. Recording each of the 88 keys individually in this way - as opposed to stretching the same tone over several different notes - ensures that the rich harmonic character of the original grand piano is preserved including damper and mechanic noises and many other aspects of the sound.Complementing their impressive variety of acoustic piano sounds, the MP10 also feature a selection of brand new electric pianos. Classic tines, reeds, and clavs - each one lovingly sampled from original vintage instruments to ensure their distinctive characteristics (and occasional imperfections) are richly preserved. The MP10 offers an AMP simulator with a selection of six different amp types ranging from the crispclean Tweed Deluxe and tender Jazz Combo, to the crunchier growl of a British Blues or UK Class A with direct access to the drive, level and EQ of that amp. Simply select your favourite EP sound, crank up the amp drive, and dig-into vintage keyboard playing heaven. And finally a selection of lush strings, pads, and subsidiary voices for those occasions that require additional layers blended into the mix.
Second Hand Kurzweil SP5-8 Stage Piano; Serial No:C4114S5N1670 Second Hand Kurzweil SP5-8 Stage Piano; Serial No:C4114S5N1670 secondhand
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Second Hand Kurzweil SP5-8 Stage Piano; Serial No:C4114S5N1670 This has undergone a full check including: Tested and is in Full Working Order Condition: (please see photos) Cleaned Factory Reset Includes: Sustain Pedal Power Supply 1 Year Warranty Free Delivery SP5-8 OverviewWith a newly designed, great-feeling 88-note graded hammer-weighted action and over 800 of Kurzweil's best preset sounds, the SP5-8 offers the high-end sound palette of a professional workstation combined with the easy workflow and simplicity of a stage piano.SP5-8 Features & SpecsAll specifications subject to change without notice.Keyboard: 88-key, fully-weighted graded hammer-action with velocity and pressure sensitive adjustable keys (LK40GH)Display: 2x20 character LCD w/ front-panel contrast adjustPolyphony: 64 Voice Polyphony, dynamically allocatedMultitimbral: 16 parts (one per MIDI channel)Quick Split/Layer: Easy access with adjustable relative volume (up to 4 zones)Factory Presets: 861 (taken from the acclaimed PC3 sound set, including select KB3 organs and KVA synths)User Presets: 64Factory MIDI Setups: 65User MIDI Setups: 64 (with 4 programmable zones for splits and layers)Effects: Dozens of complex effect chains taken from the PC3, with everything from concert hall reverbs to amplifier simulations and rotary effectsControllers: Pitch wheelModulation wheel5 front panel sliders (with a 3-tiered shift button)1 programmable front panel switch2 mono switch pedal inputs1 continuous control pedal inputAnalog Outputs: Two 1/4" balanced TRS analog (24-bit DACs)Headphones: 1 rear panel 1/4” headphone outputMIDI: In, OutUSB: Complete MIDI functionality over USBUser program/setup file transfer to/from PC/MacOperating System updates from PC/MacFREE OS Updates: OS updates over USB (12cm)Depth: (13.8") (35cm)Length: (54.8") (139.2cm)Weight: (46.3 lb.) (21.0 kg)Power: External 15VDC 1.0A power supply
Second Hand Studiologic Numa Stage Piano & MIDI Controller Keyboard ; Serial No:1737IT471079 Second Hand Studiologic Numa Stage Piano & MIDI Controller Keyboard ; Serial No:1737IT471079 secondhand
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Second Hand Studiologic Numa Stage Piano & MIDI Controller Keyboard ; Serial No:1737IT471079 Includes:Sustain Pedal, Music Rest and Mains Lead Numa Stage is more than a simple musical instrument, since it combines the performance of a state-of-the-art digital piano and a powerful master keyboard. Designed as a natural evolution of the Numa Piano, it offers a powerfull sound generator based on the Studiologic TrS technology (True Sound) packed in an elegant and solid metal case. Its dimensions and weight are reduced to a very convenient portable size. Keyboard 88 Keys, TP/100LR Premium Hammer Action Triple switch detection system Touch Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed (programmable) 10 user's velocity curves with auto-learning system (Fatar Touch) queue_music Sound generator Max Polyphony 128 voices 2 Parts 12 tones 2x Acoustic piano, 3x Electric Piano, Clavi, 2x Pad, 2x Organ, 2x Bass TrS (True Sound) Stereo multi-samples Physical modelling resonance (strings/sympathetic/soundboard) graphic_eq Effects / Processing Master Volume Bass, Treble Balance Lower / Upper Modulation FX: Chorus, Phaser, Rotary, Tremolo Reverb FX: Room, Hall, Delay check_circle Features 50 User's Presets Effects Auto-set function 2 Parts Split/Layer (programmable Split point) Editable Functions Transpose (�12), Octave Lower, Octave Upper, Master tune, Velocity, String Resonance, Panic, Hold (layer assign), Expression (layer assign), Free wheel MIDI Module 2 Zones Split/Layer Program Change, Bank Select /LSB, MSB), MIDI Channel, Octave MIDI Volume tune Controls / UI Display 7 segments, 3 digits Pitch Bend wheel Free wheel (effect, modulation) Sounds Sounds Section On/Off button 12x Sound/Function selection buttons Split button MIDI Module Section On/Off button Functions selection Volume Effects 2x Effects selection buttons 2x Effects control knobs 4x Control knobs settings_input_hdmi Connections Audio OUT: 2x 6,3 mm mono jack (L+R) Audio IN: 3,5 mm mini stereo jack Headphones: 2x 6,3 mm stereo jack Pedals: Hold, Expression MIDI: In, Out, Thru USB: USB to Host, MIDI power Power supply AC IN: 110-240 V zoom_out_map Size and weight Width: 130 cm / 51,2" Depth: 31 cm / 12,2" Height: 15 cm / 6" Weight: 13 Kg / 28,7 lbs


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