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Second Hand Yamaha Keyboards

Re-boxed by Yamaha P515 Portable Piano; Black Serial: BCYP01043 Re-boxed by Yamaha P515 Portable Piano; Black Serial: BCYP01043 exdisplay
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Re-boxed by Yamaha P515 Portable Piano; Black Serial: BCYP01043 Manufacturer Re-Boxed Product This piano was purchased by us directly from Yamaha UK and it had previously used for a photographic shoot or promotional event. It has been re-packaged by Yamaha UK and is in excellent condition. Grab a bargain whilst we've got it! Supplied with a full warranty just the same a purchasing a new instrument. The P-515 is a top-of-the-range portable piano with a high quality keyboard action, sound and speaker system. The P515 sets a new standard in portable piano quality & design. The high-gloss end panels give a nod to the beautiful design of a standard acoustic piano, whilst the feature & technology is taken from Yamaha's legendary Clavinova CLP600 series home pianos. The P515 is a truly stunning instrument and we recommend you test drive this piano in one of our stores to experience it for yourself! Part Exchange Your Existing Instrument Bonners are the keyboard & piano part exchange specialists. If you have an instrument that you would like to upgrade to the new Yamaha P515 then email us details of what you have to and we will email you back a part exchange price immediately. Best Keyboard Action & Best Piano Sound The P515 is equipped with Yamaha's NWX Natural Wood X keyboard with escapement. This has synthetic ebony & ivory keytops for an authentic acoustic piano feel. The combination of this key action with the two very best piano sounds which Yamaha produced - the CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grands, adds up to one of the best piano experiences available in a portable instrument. Customise Your Piano Sound The Piano Room feature on the P515 gives you control over detailed aspects of the acoustic piano voices including Lid Position, Brightness, Key Touch, Reverb, Tuning, VRM (Virtual Resonance Modelling), Damper Resonance, String Resonance, Aliquot Resonance, Body Resonance, Key Off noise & half pedal point. Huge Choice Of Sounds There are 40 different sounds available from the main panel buttons including pianos, e.piano, strings, harpsichord, organ (jazz & classical), choir, clav, synth pads, vibes, bass and more. In addition to this, a further 480 XG voices are available covering a huge variety of musical genres including guitars, brass, orchestral instruments, synths and drum kits. Metronome & Built-In Drummer! The P515 has a built-in metronome for practice, as well as 40 drum rhythms with bassline to make rehearsals more fun! Compatible With iPad Use the Yamaha Smart Pianist App to control the piano using your iPad. Unlock additional features and save your favourite presets to the iPad. Smart Pianist App adds a new dimension to Yamaha digital pianos and is well worth exploring when you get your new P-515. Recording Features You can record your own compositions using the built-in recording function. A choice of high quality audio recording (for sharing with your friends) or 2 track MIDI recording (for editing on a computer) is available. Record Audio directly to a USB memory stick (not supplied). Bluetooth Compatible Stream music through the powerful speaker system of the P515 from your favourite Bluetooth audio player (example mobile phone or tablet computer). This can be used simply for listening enjoyment, or for playing along with backing tracks and online videos. Powerful Speaker System The Yamaha P-515 is equipped with a powerful 30watt amplification system that drives four speakers. This is ideal for room filling sound at home, or for small band rehearsals. Size & Weight The Yamaha P515 weighs just 22kg and measures 1336mm wide x 376mm depth x 145mm high. Other features: Twin headphone output with Binaural Sampling on CFX piano sound Reverb - 6 types Chorus - 3 types Other Effects - 12 types Master EQ - 3 preset & 1 user Sound Boost - 3 types Touch Response - 6 types MIDI In & Out Aux in (stereo mini jack) Aux Out (�" jacks) USB to Host (audio & MIDI) USB to device (memory stick) Options & Accessories The P515 is available in black or white finishes Optional wooden stand available L-515 Option triple pedal unit available LP-1 FC4 Sustain Pedal Included in the box Music rest included in the box
Second Hand Yamaha CP5 Stage Piano Serial No: BAQJ01024 Second Hand Yamaha CP5 Stage Piano Serial No: BAQJ01024 secondhand
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Second Hand Yamaha CP5 Stage Piano Serial No: BAQJ01024 Tested and is in Full Working Order Condition:(please see photos) Cleaned Includes: Power Supply 1 Year Warranty Free Delivery The CP5 take the core sounds and technology of the CP1 and offer them in instruments that are both flexible and affordable enough to appeal to a wide range of people. In fact, the CP5 adds a wide range of sounds to the CP1. Clavs, organs, strings and more make the CP5 perfect for church, and live situations where everything needs to be performed on one keyboard. Moreover, the CP5 features not only Virtual Circuit Modeling effects, but many effects taken from the Motif XS line of synthesizers. The CP5 has the same NW-STAGE wooden action keyboard as same with the CP1. Keyboard: 88 keys, NW-STAGE (Wooden synthetic ivory weighted) Polyphony: 128 Tone Generator: SCM+AWM2 Presets: 10 x 4 Groups x 3 Banks User: 10 x 4 Groups x 3 Banks External: 10 x 4 Groups x 3 Banks Parts: 6 Voice Block: 17 Piano types + 305 other voices Modulation Effect Block: 10 Types + 39 types Power-Amp/Compressor Block: 8 Types Reverb: 8 Types Master Equalizer: 5-Band Display: 24 character x 2 lines, VFD Foot Controller: 2 x MIDI: In, Out, Thru USB: To Host, To Device Controllers: Pitchbend wheel, Master volume, Knobs 1-3, Part volume x 6, Master equalizer x 5, Gain Output: Phones, L/Mono, R (unbalanced), L, R (balanced) Power Consumption: 25W Dimensions (WxDxH): 1381 x 405 x 174mm Weight: 25.2kg
Second Hand Yamaha DGX500 88 Note Keyboard With Stand Serial No: 101208 Second Hand Yamaha DGX500 88 Note Keyboard With Stand Serial No: 101208 secondhand
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Second Hand Yamaha DGX500 88 Note Keyboard With Stand Serial No: 101208 Includes: Yamaha DGX500 88 Note Keyboard Wooden Stand Music Rest Original Disk with Songs and Styles Power Supply 1 Year Warranty Free Next Working Day Delivery The DGX-500 is an 88-key piano-style touch response keyboard with an extra high quality piano sound. It offer features designed specially for the up to date piano user. These include a disk drive making it convenient to save compositions without a computer and play songs, and an outstanding new music database that makes it so easy to sound professional when playing your favorite songs. Further, it comes with a furniture-style wood stand with matching end panels. Dimensions Width 1,380mm (54-1/3") Height 173mm (6-3/4") Depth 430mm (16-15/16") Weight 14kg (30 lbs., 14oz.)
Second Hand Yamaha MOTIF 6 Synthesiser Serial No: HN01402 Second Hand Yamaha MOTIF 6 Synthesiser Serial No: HN01402 secondhand
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Second Hand Yamaha MOTIF 6 Synthesiser Serial No: HN01402 Tested and is in Full Working Order Condition:(please see photos) Cleaned Includes: Owners Manual & CD Power Supply 1 Year Warranty Free Delivery The Motif is a music workstation that really has it all and has grown over the years in polyphony and waveform memory with the ES (2003) and XS (2007) series. Its features include Yamaha's AWM2 tone generators, massive polyphony (62 to 128 notes), an excellent sequencer, a sampler, A/D Audio inputs, AIEB2, mLAN compatibility, and stereo inputs. Between the various models, it has anywhere from 84MB to 355MB of sounds for thousands of waveforms. Its mLAN compatibility works great with Cubase LE (which usually comes included in the package). The Motif Classic, Motif ES, and Motif XS all came in 61, 76, and 88 key versions, and the 88-key models are always balanced hammer-action as well. The Motif is a perfect synthesizer/workstation for studio use as well as live applications. Yamaha Motif 6 Specs MOTIF 6: 61 Keys, Initial Touch/After Touch Tone Generator: AWM2 Multi timbres: 16 + 1(A/D) + 18 (Max. with Plug-in boards installed) Polyphony: 62 Notes EFFECTS: Reverb: 12, Chorus: 25, Insertion 1: 25, Insertion 2: 104, Variation: 25 (for Performance / Song), Master Equalizer: 5 band Voices Preset Bank Normal: 384, Drum kits: 48 GM Bank Normal: 128, Drum kit: 1 User Bank Normal: 128 , Drum kits: 16 Plug-in Preset Bank: 64 (for AN, PF, DX), 192 (for VL) Plug-in User Bank: 64 (for each Plug-in Slot) Performances: User Bank: 128 (4 Part) Master: User Bank: 128 4 Zones, Assignable Slider/Knob Settings, PC Table Arpeggiator Preset 1: 128, Preset 2: 128, User: 128 (MIDI Sync, MIDI TX/RX, Velocity Limit, Note Limit) Sampler Memory: 4 MB expandable to 64 MB (SIMM slot x 2) Analog Sampling: Freq.: 44.1 kHz (max.), 16 bit Linear Stereo Digital Sampling: Freq: 44.1 kHz max. (only when AIEB1 I/O board is installed) 16 bit Linear, Stereo Max. 128 key bank per waveform (Total key banks = 8192, Waveforms = 256) Multi Sample Import Sequencer 200,000 notes Resolution: 480 Clocks per Quarter Note Song: 64 songs, 16 tracks (each track can be used as a loop track), 5 Scenes Song Chain Play: 100 steps 1 Multi per Song 16 Multi Template Pattern: 16 tracks, 64 styles,16 sections, 256 phrases/1 Style, 128 Preset Phrases Pattern Chain with real-time record Pre Quantized Rec, Grid Groove Expandability: 3 Slots for Modular Synthesis Plug-in Boards 1 Slot for mLAN8E or AIEB1 2 Slots for 72-pin SIMM EXTERNAL MEMORY: Card: SmartMedia SCSI: ZIP (Option), SCSI HD (Option), CD-ROM (Option) CONTROLLERS: Pitch Bend Wheel: 1 Modulation Wheel: 1 Master Volume Slider: 1 Assignable Control Slider: 4 Assignable Knob: 4 A/D Input Gain: 1 Rotary Encoder: 1 CONNECTORS: OUTPUT: L/MONO, R ( 1/4" Jack) ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT: L, R ( 1/4" Jack) FOOT CONTROLLER: 2 SUSTAIN SWITCH: 1 FOOT SWITCH: 1 MIDI: IN/OUT/THRU A/D INPUT: L, R (MIC / LINE, Stereo 1/4" Jack) BREATH CONTROLLER: 1 PHONES: 1 (Stereo 1/4" Jack) SCSI: 1 USB: 1 (MIDI 3 port) DIGITAL OUT: Optical (TOS-Link) DIMENSIONS and WEIGHT:MOTIF 6: 1,048(W) x 397(D) x 135(H), 15.8 kg
Second Hand Yamaha PSR-S770 Keyboard Serial No: BCHX01028 Second Hand Yamaha PSR-S770 Keyboard Serial No: BCHX01028 secondhand
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Second hand Yamaha PSR-S770, tested full working and sold with 12 months warranty This has undergone a full check including: Tested and is in Full Working Order Cleaned Factory Reset Latest Firmware Installed Music Finder Updated Includes: Music Rest Owners Manual Power Supply 1 Year Warranty Free Delivery About The Yamaha PSR-S770Enjoy the enhanced range of realistic Super Articulation Voices, Organ Flutes and many other sounds from the legendary Tyros series. For the perfect experience, Real Distortion and Real Reverb effects deliver an authentic, natural sound unparalleled in its class. Furthermore, PSR-S970 features a graphical user interface and Yamaha's Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology that simulates effects at circuit level for incredible realism.For your backing band, a wide selection of Pro-, Session-, DJ- and FreePlay- Styles are available. The DJ Styles are part of the new live performance concept which also includes Live Controllers and special Multi Pads to add a unique flair to your performance. To capture your musical ideas or play along with your favourite song, there is an Audio recorder / player with enhanced functions.Both PSR-S770 and PSR-S970 are equipped with a large wide-screen colour display for easy operation. In addition, the drum setup function in both models allows you to edit your drum kit sound to suit your performance. Enhanced expansion memory offers the option to load multiple Voice & Style Expansion Packs or create your own voices based on external WAV data when using Yamaha Expansion Manager software for your computer. There is a Mic/Guitar input that allows you to add vocals or guitar to your live performance with ease. Size/Weight: Width: 1,002 mm, Height: 148 mm, Depth: 437 mm, Weight 11.1 kg Number of Keys 61 Keyboard Type: Organ, with Initial Touch Touch Response Settings: Hard1, Hard2, Medium, Soft1, Soft2 Pitch Bend Wheel: Yes Modulation Wheel: Yes Control Knobs: 2 (assignable) Display Type: TFT Colour Wide VGA LCD Display Size: 7 inch Colour: Yes Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian Panel Language: English Voices: Tone Generating Technology: AWM Stereo Sampling Polyphony (Max.): 128 Preset Number of Voices: 830 Voices + 36 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices Featured Voices: 67 S.Art!, 23 Mega Voices, 27 Sweet! Voices, 64 Cool! Voices, 71 Live! Voices, 20 Organ Flutes! XG Compatible: Yes GS Compatible: Yes (for Song playback) GM Compatible: Yes GM2 Compatible: Yes Voice Expansion Option: Yes (approx. 160MB max.) Parts: Right 1, Right 2, Left Effects: Reverb: 52 Presets + 3 User, Chorus: 106 Presets + 3 User, DSP: 295 Presets + 10 User, Master Compressor: 5 Presets + 5 User, Master EQ: 5 Presets + 2 User, Part EQ: 27 parts, Others: Mic/Guitar effects: Noise Gate x 1, Compressor x 1, 3Band EQ x 1 Arpeggios: Yes Accompaniment Styles: Number of Preset Styles: 360 Featured Styles: 322 Pro Styles, 27 Session Styles, 10 DJ Styles, 1 Free Play Fingering: Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard Style Controls: INTRO x 3, MAIN VARIATION x 4, FILL x 4, BREAK, ENDING x 3 Other Features: Music Finder 1,200 Records One Touch Setting (OTS): 4 for each Style Style Expansion Option: Yes Style Compatibility: Style File Format, Style File Format GE Number of Preset Songs: 5 Sample Songs Number of Recordable Songs: Unlimited (depends on the drive capacity) Number of Recording Tracks: 16 Data Capacity: approx. 300 KB/Song Recording Functions: Quick Recording, Multi Recording, Step Recording Compatible Data Formats for Playback: SMF (Format 0 & 1), XF Recording Data Format: SMF (Format 0) Number of Registraion Buttons: 8 Registration Controls: Sequence, Freeze Lesson/Guides: Follow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key, Your Tempo Performance Assistant Technology (PAT): Yes Demo/Help Demonstration: Yes Metronome: Yes Tempo Range: 5 - 500, Tap Tempo Transpose: -12 � 0 � +12 Semitones Tuning: 414.8 � 440 � 466.8 Hz Octave Button: Yes Scale Types: 9 types Direct Access Button: Yes Text Display Function: Yes Wallpaper Customisation: Yes Voices Harmony/Echo: Yes (with Arpeggio) Panel Sustain Button: Yes Mono/Poly: Yes Voice Information: Yes Styles Style Creator: Yes Style Recommender: Yes OTS Information: Yes Songs Song Creator: Yes Score Display Function: Yes Lyrics Display Function: Yes Multi Pads Multi Pad Creator: Yes Audio Recorder/Player Recording Time: (max.) 80 minutes/Song Audio Recording Format: .wav (WAV format: 44.1 kHz sample rate, 16 bit resolution, stereo) Audio Playback Format: .wav (WAV format: 44.1 kHz sample rate, 16 bit resolution, stereo), .mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3: 44.1/48.0 kHz sample rate, 64-320 kbps and variable bit rate, mono/streo) Time Stretch Function: Yes Pitch Shift Function: Yes Vocal Cancel Option: Yes Internal Memory: approx. 13 MB External Drives: USB Flash Memory (via USB to DEVICE) Headphones Connection: Yes FOOT PEDAL: 1 (SUSTAIN), 2 (ARTICULATION), Function Assignable Microphone/Guitar Input: x 1 MIDI: IN, OUT AUX IN: Stereo mini jack LINE OUT: L/L+R, R USB TO DEVICE: Yes USB TO HOST: Yes Amplifiers: 15 W x 2 Speakers: 13 cm x 2 + 5 cm x 2 Power Supply: PA-300C or an equibalent recommended by Yamaha Power Consumption: 19 W Auto Power Off Function: Yes Multi Pads: Number of Multi Pad Banks: 188 banks x 4 Pads Audio Audio Link: Yes Product ID SPSRS770UK


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