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Whether you’re a complete beginner or a virtuoso, a classical guitarist or a heavy-rock bass player, your guitar is at the very heart of your music. It’s only natural, then, to make sure that it’s cared for and maintained to the highest possible standard so that every note is pitch-perfect, and every performance is flawless.
At Bonners, we’re passionate about music, and all of our team are not just craftspeople and technicians, but accomplished musicians too. That’s why our guitar workshop and repair centre is dedicated to delivering all our customers exceptional service and first-class repairs and servicing.


Our team are happy to take on everything from a simple restringing to technical repairs to pickups and electronics. 


Your guitar is safe in our hands


No new or pre-owned guitar leaves Bonners without a full and complete service, which is why our customers trust us with their own instruments too.

We’re here to look after every aspect of your instrument, from major repairs to minor tune-ups.  


Our restringing service can replace old, worn or broken strings with brand new ones, whether you prefer the smooth finish of flat-wound steel strings or the mellow tones of nylon strings. No matter what instrument you bring to us, we can restring:
  • Electric Guitars including locking trem systems
  • Steel Acoustic guitars including 12-string models
  • Nylon classical guitars
  • Bass Guitars
  • Ukuleles
  • Banjos, both 4-string Tenor and 5-string G models.
A thorough service for an instrument that’s as good as new
We take our time when it comes to restringing and servicing, and never let any instrument leave our guitar workshop unless we’re sure you’re 100% happy with the result. Book your instrument in with our team and we’ll:
  • Carry out a careful initial inspection of the instrument
  • Remove the old strings
  • Clean and treat the fingerboard
  • Polish frets and prepare the instrument for restringing
  • Clean and polish the body
  • Check machine heads and nut slots
  • Restring and tune strings
  • Check the neck relief and give the instrument a final tune.
What if I bought my guitar somewhere else?
That’s not a problem. We don’t just repair and service our own guitars. You’re welcome to bring us your instrument, regardless of where you bought it or even how long you’ve had it, and we’ll offer you the same exceptional level of guitar repair services. 

Electric guitars and bass guitars
If you’re about to start performing with a band, we can make sure your guitar or bass is ready to wow the crowds. We provide a multi-point instrument maintenance service carried out by specialists who really understand the nuances and finer details involved in maintaining and repairing electric instruments. Book your guitar or bass in for a full service that includes:
  • A full visual inspection of the instrument
  • Cleaning and preparing the fingerboard
  • Polishing the frets
  • Treating the fingerboard 
  • Inspecting and checking all electronics including the pickups, switches, control pots and output socket
  • Inspecting and checking all the hardware including machine heads, trem system, bridge and tailpiece assembly and strap buttons etc
  • Cleaning and polishing the body, neck and headstock
  • Restring the instrument with your choice of string brand and gauge
  • Checking nut slot and bridge saddle(s)
  • Tuning, checking neck relief, action, intonation and pickup height
  • Carrying out a thorough play check and making any final adjustments to your specifications.
We want you to be delighted with your instrument, so we make sure that we sit down with you before we do any work to your guitar or bass and find out what you want to achieve. Tell us if you want the patina of the body to be left as it is, or whether you want the treble balanced to a greater or lesser degree, and we’ll tweak and fine-tune so that you’re delighted with the final result. 


We’re all musicians ourselves, so we understand just how personal an instrument is. That’s why we consult you throughout, and we’ll always give you honest advice based on our years of experience in restoring, repairing, and playing all kinds of guitars.
Other services for electric guitars
As electric guitars can be much more complex to work on, our team at Bonners have all been chosen for their experience and passion for music, as well as their technical expertise. We can upgrade your pickup to give your guitar a hotter, louder sound, or achieve that vintage vibe that’s so popular. We only use the best replacement parts, including pickups from Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, Gibson, Fender, EMG, Bare Knuckle, and many more.


If you’re a dedicated acoustic guitarist but want that extra presence onstage, we can fit an upgraded pickup system including soundhole pickups, an active preamp or output jack to make micing up that much easier.


We can also service switches, pots and output sockets using top quality parts from SwitchCraft with three, four, and five-way switches and output sockets, CTS 250K and 500K volume and tone pots.


Want to know more?
We’ve been providing a dedicated guitar service at Bonners for years, and our reputation for rescuing even the most battered and beaten-up instruments and restoring them to their former glory is second to none. We take care of your instrument as if it were our own, so you know your precious Les Paul or Fender CC-60s acoustic guitar is in safe hands.


Call our friendly team at Bonners Music Eastbourne on 01323 639335 for more details on guitar and bass repairs, modifications and restringing services today.


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