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Yamaha Upright Pianos are considered amongst the finest in the world. Equally suited to the home, classroom or conservatory, their iconic style, unbeatable performance and sensational build quality have kept them a firm favourite for decades.

Yamaha U Series

Marketed as the ‘world’s most popular upright,’ the Yamaha U Series is a spectacular piano popular with amateurs, students, professional performers and teachers alike. Crafted with remarkable attention to detail, the U Series has a rich tone, responsive action and excellent reliability.

Yamaha YUS Series

If you’re looking for an upright piano that comes very close to replicating the sound of a grand piano, the YUS Series is a perfect choice. With its hand-wound strings, a hammer action that wouldn’t feel out of place in a concert piano and a unique aluminium action rail, the YUS borrows several technologies from Yamaha’s CF Series of grand pianos.

Yamaha B Series

Inspired by the iconic U Series, the b Series is designed for beginners, younger learners and anyone looking for an acoustic upright that fits a smaller space. Though more diminutive than other Yamaha uprights, the b Series is a phenomenal instrument, with a responsive keyboard and a clear, sparkling tone.

Yamaha SILENT Pianos

The Yamaha SILENT piano combines the power of acoustic sound with a handy ‘silent’ option that allows you to plug in headphones and shut out the rest of the world. The company’s innovative Optical Sensor System measures the timing, movement, force and depth of every key-stroke to capture every nuance of your playing style.

Whether you’re buying your first acoustic piano or looking for a great upgrade, we’ll help you find the right Yamaha piano for your needs. If you’d like to try any of our Yamaha Upright Pianos, make your way to one of our Eastbourne, Reigate or Milton Keynes stores and test your preferred model before buying.

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