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Feurich Grand Pianos

Feurich Grand Pianos are an excellent choice for pianists of all abilities. With an extensive history that includes some of the most respected designs of the last century, the current range consists of some truly incredible instruments.

Known for their ability to generate a remarkable bass sound in smaller grand pianos, Feurich has recently introduced a range of new technologies to their new range of instruments. Rust-free string wires are now employed across all Feurich pianos, while their unique Harmonic Pedal and Silencer System can also be fitted to specific designs.

Following a relocation to Vienna, Feurich has reclaimed its position as one of the most influential piano manufacturers in the world. When you sit down to try one of their grand pianos, you can tell why. The sound is rich, the action responsive, and it just feels sensational.

At Bonners, we pride ourselves on being one of the largest Feurich piano retailers in the country, ensuring you’re able to get a feel for a wide range of Feurich designs first-hand before you buy. All Feurich models are numbered, and their grand pianos are split into two series - the Dynamic and the Concert.


The Feurich Dynamic Series contains two grand pianos, a smaller model and a mid-sized model. While both are an excellent choice for the home, the larger of the two can generate a big enough sound to fill small concert halls and performance spaces.


The Feurich Concert Series has been designed in conjunction with the legendary piano builder, Stephen Paulello and is ideally suited to recording studios and small and medium-sized concert halls. Boasting a clear, rich and warm tone this is a phenomenal sounding piano.

If you have any questions regarding Feurich Grand Pianos, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, drop us an email or pop by one of Eastbourne, Reigate or Milton Keynes stores and try one for yourself.

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