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PRS Electric Guitars

Paul Reed Smith (PRS) is a well-respected American guitar manufacturer known for producing high-quality electric guitars. PRS Guitars was founded by luthier Paul Reed Smith in 1985. The company is based in Stevensville, Maryland. PRS guitars are celebrated for their craftsmanship, playability, and versatile tonal options. They have found favour in various genres, from rock and metal to jazz and fusion. Whether an affordable SE model or a handcrafted Private Stock instrument, PRS offers guitars for players of various skill levels and preferences. The PRS Custom 24 is one of the flagship models and a defining instrument for the brand. Introduced in 1985, it features a double-cutaway body, 24 frets, and a combination of humbucking pickups. The Custom 24 has become synonymous with PRS guitars.

Buy Online, Or Select Your New Guitar In Person at Our Store

Bonners Guitar Store, located on the South coast in Eastbourne, has a large dedicated showroom full of Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars. Whether you're looking for your first instrument or something prestigious, our showroom is the perfect environment to touch, play, and select from an extensive range of guitars. When you visit Bonners Guitar Store, you'll be given the space and time to test several instruments in a comfortable, private environment, allowing you to ensure that you're making the right purchase decision.

We're located just off the A27 main road with plenty of on-site parking. If the train is more convenient for you, we're just a 2-minute walk from Hampden Park railway station (linked directly to London Victoria).

Here's More Information About PRS Electric Guitars:

Design and Construction: PRS guitars are known for their meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. They typically have a set neck construction, often with a carved, figured maple top on a mahogany body. The necks are usually mahogany or maple, and PRS guitars are praised for their comfortable neck profiles.

Wide Range of Models: PRS offers a wide range of guitar models catering to various playing styles and preferences. Some popular models include the Custom 22, McCarty, Santana Signature models, SE series (Student Edition), and more.

SE Series: The SE series is PRS's more affordable line, manufactured in South Korea. Despite the lower price point, SE guitars maintain a high quality standard and are popular among players seeking a PRS guitar at a more accessible price.

Pickups: PRS guitars often come equipped with proprietary pickups designed by PRS. The company offers a variety of pickup configurations, including humbuckers, single-coils, and combinations, allowing players to achieve a wide range of tones.

Tremolo Systems: PRS guitars frequently feature their own tremolo systems, known for stability and smooth operation. The PRS Tremolo, also called the "Floating Trem," is a double-locking design that allows for subtle vibrato effects.

Wood Selection: PRS is known for using high-quality tonewoods in their guitars. The company has developed a reputation for sourcing exceptional wood materials, especially for the visually stunning figured maple tops on many models.

Private Stock: PRS offers a custom shop division called Private Stock, where players can order highly customized, hand-built guitars with unique specifications, premium materials, and intricate finishes.

Innovation: PRS is known for its innovation in guitar design and manufacturing. Over the years, the company has introduced various features such as the "Pattern" neck shape, the PRS 58/15 pickups, and the Gen III tremolo system.

Many renowned artists across genres play PRS guitars. Carlos Santana, Mark Tremonti, John Mayer, and Dave Navarro are among the artists who have signature models or have collaborated with PRS.

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