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Gibson & Epiphone Les Paul Guitars

The Gibson Les Paul is one of the world's most iconic and influential electric guitars. Introduced by Gibson in the early 1950s, the Les Paul has become synonymous with rock and roll and has been played by countless legendary guitarists. Gibson Les Paul guitars are known for their excellent build quality, timeless design, and rich, warm tones. They remain highly sought after by musicians and collectors alike, and their influence in electric guitars is unparalleled.

We have included both Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul guitars in this collection to cater to all players' budgets. Epiphone is a brand owned by Gibson. It was acquired by Gibson in the 1950s and is positioned as a more affordable line, offering a range of instruments that cater to various budgets.

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Bonners Guitar Store, located on the South coast in Eastbourne, has a large dedicated showroom full of Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars. Whether you're looking for your first instrument or something prestigious, our showroom is the perfect environment to touch, play, and select from an extensive range of guitars. When you visit Bonners Guitar Store, you'll be given the space and time to test several instruments in a comfortable, private environment, allowing you to ensure that you're making the right purchase decision.

We're located just off the A27 main road with plenty of on-site parking. If the train is more convenient for you, we're just a 2-minute walk from Hampden Park railway station (linked directly to London Victoria).

Here are some key features and aspects of Gibson Les Paul guitars:

Design: The Les Paul has a single-cutaway body shape with a solid mahogany body and a carved maple top. The top wood can vary in grade, affecting the guitar's appearance and tonal characteristics.

Neck and Fingerboard: Les Paul guitars typically have a set neck construction, where the neck is glued to the body. The neck is often made of mahogany, providing stability and sustain. The fingerboard is usually made of rosewood or ebony, and it features trapezoid inlays.

Pickups: Gibson Les Pauls are known for their powerful and versatile pickups. Traditionally, they come equipped with humbucking pickups, which were actually invented by Gibson for the Les Paul model. The most common pickup configurations are the "Burstbucker" or "Custom Bucker" pickups.

Hardware: The hardware on a Les Paul is often high-quality and contributes to its overall performance. This includes a Tune-O-Matic bridge and a stop tailpiece for precise intonation and sustain.

Electronics: Les Paul guitars typically have a straightforward control layout, including volume and tone knobs for each pickup, along with a three-way pickup selector switch. This allows for a wide range of tonal possibilities.

Scale Length: The scale length of a Les Paul is 24.75 inches, which is shorter than the scale length of some other electric guitars. This contributes to the Les Paul's distinctive feel and playability.

Finish: Les Pauls are available in various finishes, ranging from traditional sunburst to solid colours and custom finishes. The finish not only affects the guitar's appearance but can also impact its resonance.

Variations: Gibson has produced various Les Paul models and variations over the years. These include different series like the Standard, Traditional, Studio, Custom, and others. Each series may have specific features and appointments that cater to different preferences and playing styles.

Historical Significance: The Gibson Les Paul has played a crucial role in the development of rock music. Its thick, sustain-rich tone has made it a favourite among rock, blues, and metal guitarists. The "Burst" Les Pauls from the late 1950s are particularly coveted and valuable among collectors.

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