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Nord Grand

If you are after reliability, dynamism, richness of sound, and so much more beyond the authenticity of the touch and tone of the piano, then Nord Grand Stage Pianos will be great instruments to turn to. Highly sophisticated in what they can achieve in an intuitive manner, they have clearly been developed by people who have a passion for producing pianos which at once are able to offer everything that a traditional piano would offer, whilst also offer pioneering exciting features to add to that essential [banner]backbone.

Stage presence

If you are looking for an instrument to play live, then part of the appeal of the Nord grand stage piano is its distinctively beautiful look. When you are up on stage, you will find that the gorgeous wooden case finish and the classic red Nord look will give you a certain presence when you are up there doing your thing!

Authentic sound and high-performance features

The sound and feel are also just as great as the look. With the Nord grand stage piano boasting a superb 88 key RH3 hammer action keyboard, you will get the kind of touch which will give you the same level of feel and control as you would expect from acoustic equivalent. One of the huge benefits though is that, as well as the touch and the sound being so fundamentally rewarding, there are tonnes of added features which make it easier to control your sound live by tweaking lots of aspects of it and introducing effects as you play!

Nord Stage Pianos at Bonners Music

As ever, if you do have any more questions about the superb Nord Grand Stage Piano, or any other instruments you might have your eyes on, do feel free to give us a call on 01323 639335 and someone from our knowledgeable and friendly team will be happy to discuss it with you!
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