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Yamaha Arius YDP145 Digital Piano

The new Yamaha YDP145 is a superb entry-level digital piano that features a full length 88 note keyboard with Matt Black Keys. The piano sound itself has been sampled from Yamaha's world-renowned flagship CFX concert grand piano with 192 note polyphony.

Choice of ten instrument voices
Choose from a total of 10 different instruments voices including pianos electric pianos harpsichords strings and more. It's possible to layer two voices together to create even more sound combinations and Duo mode allows two people to play the piano at the same time with both upper and lower registers sounding the same - ideal for teacher and pupil type situations.

High-Quality Sound through speakers or headphones
The sound of the YDP145 is further enhanced with the new tone escapement port on the rear of the piano that allows the sounds to Radiate in three dimensions - similar to that of an acoustic piano.

A new feature for a piano in this price category is the inclusion of Yamaha's Virtual Resonance Modelling (VRM Lite). This technology simulates sympathetic resonance based on the performer's technique to give an even more realistic piano experience.

A technology known as sound balance ensures that the piano sounds its very best no matter what volume you set. This means the YDP-145 is easy on the ears even when playing for longer periods of time. The stereophonic optimizer effect gives a more natural spacious sound when playing through headphones.

Two-track Recording
The YDP145 has a useful recording facility that has two tracks. This means that you can either record one sound (such as a piano), and then 'overdub' another sound over the top, or you could record each 'hand' separately to aid the practice of challenging pieces or music passages.

Metronome Built-In
When learning the piano, a metronome helps with timing and speed. There is no need to purchase an additional piece of equipment because the YDP145 is equipped with a built-in metronome that offers various different time signatures and tempos.
Free iOS & Android Controller App

The YDP 145 is compatible with Yamaha's smart pianist app which allows you to control the instrument using your Android or iOS device. Access all the functions with the simplicity of your touchscreen with this free app. The app also gives you access to the piano room function which allows you to adjust even more settings associated with the piano voices to suit your own personal taste.

Colour Options
The YDP-145 is available in satin black, rosewood or white cabinet finishes and Bonners offer a choice of package options including a matching store and headphones.

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