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Casio AP750 Digital Piano

The AP750 utilises the same AiR Grand sound creation system as the premium Grand Hybrid GP310 and 510 models and has three core piano voices - Berlin Grand, Hamburg Grand, and Vienna Grand. Each of the three piano voices has its own distinct character.

As well as beautiful piano voices and authentic wooden keyboard action, the AP750 has the standard features we've come to expect from modern digital pianos, including a metronome, on-board recording, dual headphone outputs, a sixty song built-in music library, 39 different voices - including eight acoustic pianos, reverb and effects, adjustable touch response, and USB MIDI to connect to a computer for more advanced music composition and scoring applications.

Casio has also used clever DSP to include additional variations of the core piano voices called Classical Piano Repertoire Tones. These include voices such as Sonata, Prelude, Etude, Nocturne, Waltz, and Polonaise. Although they are designed for use in classical music, these pianos offer a wider choice of piano tones and can be used for many styles of music.

Smart Hybrid Keyboard Action

Casio's new Smart Hybrid key action uses resin and spruce wood, which is unique to Casio. Casio is the only manufacturer to use the same wood found in acoustic piano keys. All keys have counterweights, and each has a slightly different response time to replicate the key scaling effect on an acoustic grand. These pianos are ideal if you're looking for the most accurate keyboard response without investing in a premium range instrument. The keyboard action meets the demands of both beginner and experienced pianists.

See, Hear, & Play In Store

When buying a new piano, there's nothing like seeing, touching and hearing the instruments in person, and you can do this at one of Bonners Piano Centres. We have showrooms on the South Coast in Eastbourne, Reigate in Surrey, and Milton Keynes. All locations are easy to reach from the major road network and have on-site parking outside the door. You can compare up to 50 models of digital pianos in any of our three stores to be sure you're making the right buying decision.


The pedals of the AP750 are the same size as found on an acoustic Grand, with continuous damper and soft pedals for half-pedalling techniques. This is the first time in any Casio piano that the level of the soft pedal can be varied. Usually, in most digital pianos, the soft pedal is just on/off, or halfway.

Cabinet Design

The cabinet of the AP750 is finished in a satin black finish but with a polished front panel that reflects your fingers playing the keys - just like a beautiful polished ebony grand piano. A nice brass plate on the front confirms Casio's collaboration with the German maker of fine pianos, Bechstein, when designing the sound within the AP750.

The AP750 has a traditional front-leg design, giving the instrument more character, and a hinged top lid, which opens to reveal a nice red-cloth interior. When open, the lid helps to project the speakers' sound towards the player.

The polished panel also houses the new Visual Information Bar, which, by default, shows your playing velocity but can also show metronome beat, sustain pedal depth and the level of various settings such as touch sensitivity, reverb and string resonance. This is a fun feature and can be switched on or off to suit your mood.

Touch Panel Interface

The touch-control panel disappears when not in use to minimise distraction and hide the piano's digital aspects.

Grandphonic Sound System

The AP750 is the only instrument in its class with 8 speakers with four-channel sound. Each speaker pair is tuned to a different frequency range, and Casio has used acoustically reflective materials inside the cabinet, with additional sound ports to achieve a wide sound spread.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The AP750 is supplied with Casio's WU-BT10 Bluetooth adaptor, which adds wireless MIDI + Audio capabilities. Bluetooth to stream backing tracks from your portable device through the piano's speaker system, or connect to Casio's Music Space App to control the piano using your touchscreen and enjoy the play-along tuition features.

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